May 11th 2021 / AO Cornhusker Handicap / 52 Degrees 6 knot winds

10 PAX: Two Step, Gunner, Icy Hot, Buns of Steel, Dome, Bovine, Spreadsheet, Polaroid, Stiches, Doppler.

A few weeks back as I drove to a First Friday at Inner Rail I noticed a steep hill next to a parking garage and the sadistic F3 part of my brain thought “I bet that would suck to run up, I need to Q here”. I reached out to Two Step and got on the schedule and planned an official scouting mission for this past Sunday. Mid Sunday morning I parked my car across the street and walked to the base of this beauty of a hill. I immediately noticed a 2-3’ high concrete barrier that wrapped around the backside of the adjacent building that would be the perfect height for some dips/derkins. I knocked out a quick set of each just to be sure. Looking at the hill, it appeared to be about a 40 degree incline with some shin high grass covering its slope. Along the climbers left side there was a nice 3’ wide cement drainage path, perfect for climbing and keeping my Brooks clean. I tried to run straight up it, but it was too steep. It was a full on hands on knees, or bear crawl situation, just the right amount of suck!!! At the top was a nice flat grassy area just begging for a cone and a Weinke. From the top of the hill I filmed a quick pre-blast video to drop Monday night. The Mt Doppler challenge was official.

As I walked back to my car I noticed a historical marker stating that the parking lot I was in was the site of Ak-Sar-Ben Air Field which was used for the first time on May 15th 1920 as the Air Field for US Postal Service Air Mail. The first flight landed 101 years ago this week from Chicago, opening up transcontinental air mail services for our country. 101…. Better do 101 burpees to celebrate this momentous week!! And with that a beat-down was born!


Pull into the parking lot across from the hill slog up the hill and drop a cone at the top of the hill, take a quick look North to Stinson Park and knew it was going to be a great morning.


4 members showed up for a pre-run: Icy Hot, Gunner, Two step, and myself. We started our jog towards Shirley when Two Step felt his back tightening up. He and I peeled off and decided to do some laps around Stinson Park and stretch out so we would be ready for the beatdown. Got in some great mumble-chatter with Two Step and felt ready to attack the morning.


I looked around the small circle of about 10 PAX and was excited to have a group of this size. It would allow for some great mumble chatter and keep us from having too many people on the hill at once. I went through the core principles, mission statement, and then made sure to point out that not only was I not a professional, but that today’s beatdown involved a very steep hill and that safety should be considered at all times. And to go up and down at a pace that is safe for you and the people in your group.

Pre Thang

Mosey to the parking lot with the historical marker across from the hill at UNO Parking Services. I gave a brief history of Ak-Sar-Ben Airfield and took off into the workout. We worked our way through 5 different exercises and on each count the next member inline around the circle would drop and do a burpee until we reached 101 burpees as a group.

Exercises (IC):

20 Chinooks 

20 Flutter Kicks

20 Flappy Birds w/calf raises

20 Heels to Heaven

20 Hand Release (Airplane) Merkins

1 Final Burpee as a group

The Thang: 

We counted off into groups of 3 and given the instructions 

Group 1, would start at the bottom and rinse and repeat the 3 exercises listed.

Group 2, would be at the top of the hill. Rinse and repeat the exercises posted there.

Group 3, would run up the hill and be the push group.

A final safety reminder was given to take the hill at a safe pace for everyone both up and down.


20 Dips

20 Derkins

20 Step-ups (IC)


20 Mt Climbers (IC)

20 Bonnie Blaires (IC) Thanks to Buns of Steel!

20 Carolina Dry Docks

Omaha was called at 0555 to ensure we had plenty of time for our trip back to the shovel flags. Before we started back I read a quote from one of my favorite Authors John Steinbeck

“Perhaps the best conversationalist in the world, is the man who helps others to talk”

With that in mind, I asked the PAX to pair up and help each other talk during the mosey back to the shovel flags.

I paired up with Gunner, a HIM I had not up to this point had the chance to get to know, he and I talked about skiing, the mountains, the ocean, and the book Travels with Charley, by Steinbeck. It was a conversation focused on the romanticism of the book and how it matched our own personal love of the outdoors, and sense of adventure.


LBCs x 20

Bigboys x 20


American hammers x 20

Announcements/Prayer Requests

Mental Health Awareness Pop-up beatdown coming up on May 23rd at 0600 at Flanagan Lake. It will be followed by donuts and coffee hosted by Birdman.


The announcement of Mental Health Awareness beatdown and Awareness month led into my COT about finding time in your day to not just help people in your life talk to you, but to make sure that you listen to them with intention. Many people go through their day never really feeling heard or valued. Be the person in their day who lets them feel that way, and know that doing so, you can help them feel empowered.


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