May 14, 2021//Burke High School//AO-The Golden Spike//55 Glorious degrees//

14 Pax: Vandelay (Respect!), Mother Goose, Waterboy, Tin Cup, Saul, Star Kist, Tuna Fish, Sven, Happy Camper, Kielbasa, Rip Tide, Dirty Bird, Sister Act, and Folsom.

Q: Folsom

The PAX gathered on the street, many of the them having just arrived back from their pre-run. The mission statement was given, the 5 core principles were stated, and the disclaimer was made. Folsom briefly explained that cheating on the exercises were only cheating yourself and he urged the PAX to use proper form for this remixed Iron Pax Challenge week 1, Inspector’s Gadet. Then Folsom lead the PAX on a mosey to the far corner of the parking lot.

Warm O’ Rama

  1. ½ mile mosey
  2. Goofballs ICx20

The Thang: Inspector’s Gadet (25minutes)

Folsom had the PAX partner up because he had remixed the IPC challenge to be a 2 man grinder. One partner Bernie Sanders up the hill while the other partner began on the below list of exercises. Then the partners switched. Before we could begin we had to do 5 Burpees, then every 3 minutes the timer alerted the PAX that they had to do 5 more Burpees. Folsom called an audible after about five times up the hill to just running up the hill because Folsom felt like he was running in wet concrete. Exercises: 75 Hand Release Release Merkins, 100 Jungle Boi Squats, 2 Spoonz Style, 150 Leg Lifts, 150 Alternating Lunges, 100 Big Boys. Most groups got to the Big Boys before Omaha was called.

MOM: No need for Mary today, we got plenty of that in the workout.   

COT: I told the PAX that just like I had urged them to not just go through the motions on the exercises I was urging them to not go through the motions with the ones they loved most. I shared how it can be easy in key relationships to be for surface and to not get deep with your loved one. I suggested that everyone find the time to have a deep conversation with someone they love this weekend. I suggested they ask questions and really listen to the answers. Aye- Folsom

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Golden Spike

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