AO: Heavy Metal // Stinson Park, Omaha, NE // Weather: 40 degrees and low wind // 

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Q’s: Folsom (Founding Site Q), BetaMax (Current Site Q) & SpaceBar (New Site Q)

BetaMax welcomed everyone to the shovel flag hand off event and he provided the mission statement, core principles, credo and disclaimer.

Warm-o-rama – each exercise was performed with one (1) dumbbell – led by Folsom

  • Big ones (with bicep curl on the down)
  • Everything but the kitchen sink (squat, should press, tricep extension)

Pre-thang – led by BetaMax

  • ½ PAX mosed around the block
  • ½ PAX completed list of exercises with weights
  • Switched one time

Thang – led by SpaceBar

  • ½ PAX moseyed to nearby benches to complete step-ups, dips & decline merkins
  • ½ PAX remained to perform list of exercises with weights
  • Switched and then repeated twice (until Omaha was called) 


  • Freddie Mercury’s IC x 20
  • Big Boys x 20
  • Superman’s to Superman sound track (fly left, right, dive, pullup – while on stomach) for 2 minutes


  • Frosty’s friend, Kirk
  • Roll Bar’s cousins son, Phillip who was in a car accident
  • Hipster’s friend, Marylin 


BetaMax provided a high level overview of the Heavy Metal AO history and explained how we all need to be ready.  He shared a story about how Folsom, the planting Site Q, couldn’t post to lead the first Heavy Metal workout due to a sick kiddo and how Wait Time was ready to step in.  He shared another story about how sometimes the scheduled Q fartsacks and the Site Q has to jump in and be ready to lead.  And finally, he shared that he was a lifeguard in high school and never had to save anyone, but the training enabled him to be ready to dive into a pool to save his own son from drowning.  Always be ready.

SpaceBar also shared words of appreciation for the opportunity to lead The Strongest AO in the Midwest.  He shared what F3 has done for him and how his M has relayed how it helps him to be a better husband, father and person. 

SpaceBar treated everyone to Starbucks following the shovel handoff.  

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