May 13, 2021//Memorial Park//AO-Futurerama//

Pax: Side Dish, Tater Tot, Port-a-John, Rooster, E85, Folsom, Sportiva, Slow Pitch, Stitches, Othello, Uhaul, Demogorgon, Sparty, 2-Step, Cyclone, Greasefire, Dome, Hipster, Sticky Bandit

Q: Frosty

We met at 5:30.  The weather was nice.  Sticky Bandit emerged from the woods with the pre-runners and that made me happy.  Frosty gave the mission statement, reviewed the 5 core principles and safety disclaimer.  There were no FNGs so we just got after it.   

Warm O’ Rama

  • Mosey about halfway to the overpass
  • Tappy-Taps x 15
  • Big Ones x 15
  • Hamstring Hang
  • Mosey the rest of the way to the overpass, make a chain across fingertip to fingertip or “Tip to Tip”

Pre Thang: What could you do when you started?

Starting on the north side of the bridge every other PAX will lead an exercise, alternating 10 SSH in cadence and 10 Merkins.  There were exactly 20 HIM on that overpass this particulary morning, the perfect number for 100 reps!

SSH in cadence, 10 sets of 10
Merkins, 10 sets of 10

Could you do 100 Merkins when you started F3?

Mosey up the yard about halfway to the wall, partner up

AMRAP big boys for 60 seconds while your partner holds your feet, switch

Rinse and Repeat – Ugh

Rinse and Repeat again. . . that was when I got the finger from Folsom and that made me happier than when I saw Sticky.

Mosey up the yard to the first set of cones

The Thang: Relay

3 sets of cones, 1 set 10 yards from the half wall, 1 set 20 yards from the half wall, 1 set 30 yards from the half wall. 

Split the PAX so there are 4 teams

We will run a relay race to the wall and back.  Teammates will do mountain climbers while waiting to run.  When one team member returns, another runs until everyone runs.  

This was my favorite part of the morning because the morning dew made the hill very slick.  The younger men took advantage with several creative slides, surfs and slips running back to their teams.  

Which team won?  It doesn’t matter.  They got to pick a number between one and five and then we did

 x5 Monkey Humpers
x5 Carolina Dry Docks
x5  Flutter Kicks
x5  Overhead Claps

But what are the cones for?  Shuttle runs to the wall and backstopping at each cone and returning along the way.  

We had time for a second relay race and did 19 of each exercise again before Omaha was called.

Mumblechatter: The 10 sets of 10 on the overpass was a hit with the PAX.  The 3 sets of 1 minute AMRAP big boys created some rumbles but I think that was gratitude.  

Announcements/Prayer Requests: We announced the upcoming events for F3.  We prayed for families dealing with loss, for Hipster’s sister, and all fellas dealing with injuries or anything else.


I had planned a talk about comparing our insides to others’ outsides but a last-minute audible took us in a different direction.

Mary (Do-Re-Mi) and I were closing on our house later that morning.  Throughout the process, several aspects had me feeling powerless.  The previous evening it happened again and I failed. 

I already know I have control issues.  Part of my addiction recovery is letting go of control.  I noted how peculiar it was that addicts try to control everything but I spent most of my life chasing something that made me lose control.   Interesting??

So, feeling so powerless Tuesday evening I let it get the better of me.  I was short with the banker.  I was short with my girlfriend.  I was unable to control the one thing I had 100% control over.  My behavior.  

When events don’t go our way or when we are overwhelmed with situations beyond our control.  It is important to control our words and actions.

Could have been worse.  I owed a couple of apologies but didn’t say anything hurtful to anyone but it was still a fail. 

The road narrows the more high impact of a man I become.  I don’t have the luxury of sweeping bad behavior or bad choices under the mat.  I own them, take responsibility and learn from them.  I hope maybe someone learned from mine this time too.

Closing this house was a big deal.  It was a big step in my recovery.  It was a big step in my relationship.  What a year I’ve had and I can trace it all back to God, my recovery from alcohol and drugs, and F3.  I’m so very grateful

Aye- Frosty 

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