5/13/21 The Berm Backblast

The Berm
Getting comfortable feeling uncomfortable

PAX: Thor, Moon Man, Armbar, Panty Hose, Rip Tide, Wait Time, Roadhouse, The Big One, and Italian Job
Q: Patton
YHC arrived at The Berm at about 0445 and was greeted by Armbar and Cataracts. Greeting were made and I asked them “if they where ready for a different kinda suck?” To which Armbar replied we’ll have to see.
The two stepped off for a pre-run at 0450 and left me alone with a beautiful sun rise and the sound of birds chirping in the Gloom setting up cones for our beatdown.
At about 0455 Roadhouse and Italian Job arrived. Greetings were made and YHC gave Roadhouse a hug as I haven’t seen him since his Vision Quest. They stepped off for a pre run and I stepped off for a pre ruck.

There was a lot of mumble chatter pre beatdown talking about Roadhouses Vision Quest and last weeks FNG Lost Boy.
At 0530 YHC welcomed the PAX to F3, gave the mission statement, covered the 5 core principles, and gave the disclaimer.

We did WAR near the soccer field

Counted off into pairs and began the pre-thang
2 man grinder
Top of the Berm we did AMRAP

  2. WW2 SIT-UPS
    While partner ran to the pavilion and did 30 Dips on the seats and ran back doing the Bear Crawl up the hill to relieve their partner

The Thang
We stayed in or 2 man groups
2 man grinder
At the top of the Berm we did AMRAP
Butt Kicks
Flutter Kicks
Cherry Pickers
Lunges Alternating Legs
Freddy Mercury’s
Monkey Humpers
Big Boys
Sun Gods
Air Squats

While partner ran down the Berm and did 10 Burpees and ran back to relieve their partner.

Prayer: Jim Hood recovery from an injury and for The Big One’s classmates family after their loss – Mental Battle

COT: Getting comfortable being uncomfortable – My M and I will celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary this Saturday. I had a hard time getting comfortable feeling uncomfortable. I had issues trusting and giving of myself after my divorce in 2002. Through growth on my own, a good woman’s love, and F3 I’ve learned to give all I have to give rather than all I felt I had left to give. I’m now comfortable being uncomfortable.
YHC led us out in prayer

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