May 14, 2021 | The Combine | Kiewit Middle School |57 & Wind SSE 8 MPH

PAX (21): Pantyhose, Italian Job, Hawg (Respect!), Barn Door, Thor, Patton (Respect!), Mac N Cheese (Hate), Spreadsheet (Hate), Blades of Glory, Rollbar, U-Haul, Boomerang, Gator, Mufasa, Thomas, Skipper, Cataracts, FDIC, Tubesocks, Sparty, Moon Man


QIC: Moon Man

Arrived to Gloom at 0450 and there wasn’t any rain?  Thought for sure this would be a slip and slide like day.  Thankful about this as there are plans for PAX to be on their six a bit.  A few vehicles indicated a few HIM were getting after it w/ a pre-run.  Sparty left extra lights near the shovel flag, thank you brother!  Today’s main heat would be on the football field and since there were no hashmarks for the eyes, lights would be the means of the Thang. 

  • Announced to Pax @ 0515 that it was go time.  Welcomed to F3 and the Combine and that Moon Man would be their Q for today’s beatdown
  • No new FNGs
  • Explained F3 = Fitness, Fellowship, Faith.  Provided Mission statement, 5 Core Principles, and Credo
  • Today was one of those special F3 days where we have the opportunity to focus on each of the three Fs especially if you join Q Source @ Karma coffee afterwards
  • The unfortunate part about today is that this is The Combine, the hardest working AO, and for the next 45 minutes, Moon Man was not your friend.  But on that note, there is no goal to inflect long term pain so please modify exercise as necessary as I am not a professional. 
  • Warm-A-Rama (short mosey to side of school where Mufasa was already calling out what exercise he thought were going to be done ‘so predictable (in a meow voice)’ Moon Man believes he said?)
    • Abe Vigoda 10 IC
    • Tappy-Taps 10 IC
    • Sun Gods 5 IC (forward & back)
    • SSH 20 IC
  • Pre-Thang (Count off into groups of 2)
    • Group 1 push group on West hill
      • 5 Merkins at top of hill
      • Lunges down the hill
      • 10 Gorilla Humpers at bottom of hill
      • ‘Run’ backwards up hill
      • Push to wall group
    • Group 2 (wall IC)
      • Chicken Peckers 10 IC
      • Donkey Kicks 10 IC
      • Balls to wall 10 count
      • Wall Sit until relieved
  • Thang (with PAX against wall counted off into groups of 4 and mosey to football field for 4 group Thang).  During The Thang the PAX listened to Girl Talk which was a mashup of Hip-Hop/Rap w/ 80’s background music. 
    • Group 1 – Starting @ east goal line (Push Group)
      • 5 Burpees together then 100 yard dash (sprint NOT mosey)
      • Quick All Gore for six / quick recover @ broad jump back to west 25 yard line to relieve group 2
    • Group 2 – rinse & repeat IC exercises until pushed & back pedal to group 3
      • 15 Low Dollys
      • 20 Freddie Mercuries
      • 25 LBCs
    • Group 3 – rinse & repeat IC Exercises until pushed & back pedal to group 4
      • 10 T-Merkins (aka Hand-Release Push-Up Arm Extension)
      • 15 Carolina Dry Docks
      • 20 Baby Dips on your six (these seemed to burn more than when using bleachers or coupon)
    • Group 4 – rinse & repeat IC Exercises until pushed & bear crawl to east goal line
      • 10 Jump Tucks
      • 15 Copperhead Squats
      • 20 Moroccan Night Club Calf Raises
  • Omaha @ 5:51 (mosey back to shovel flags)
  • Mary
    • Flutter Kicks 20 IC
    • Heal Touches 20 IC
    • American Hammers Rancid Style 2 X round
  • Count Off & Name-O-Rama
  • Announcements
    • Pattons ‘Nemo’ for breaking his personal best run and qualifying for state!
    • Mufasa for his inspiration on social media to give back to the foundation (making it rain)
    • Mental battle run at Flanagan Lake 05/23 @ 0600.
    • The May ½ Marathon @ 0500.
    • Get your teams registered for Brick Builder on 06/12.  If you need help or have questions with registering, please reach out to Sparty.
  • Prayer Requests
    • Rollbars cousins son that was in an accident, prayers for Philip & Family
  • Circle of Trust (COT)
    • COT is about not sweating the small stuff and living with harmony in the moment.
    • There is no doubt that harmony can help bring peace and stable order to society and it’s a necessary condition for the survival and development of mankind.  A good first step to this is to stop stressing out about things that you cannot control.  Harmony includes two parts 1) Don’t sweat the small stuff & 2) much of the time it’s really all small stuff.
    • In the past I used to overwork my mind (not admitting it was stress) with small things that should not have mattered, especially things in my personal life.  This would immediately affect my mindset and often relationships around me because I would lock this into my mind and not let it go (i.e., How will I have time to get this done, why did I overcommit, why is this person acting like this when I am trying to be helpful, etc.)
    • Since my journey with F3 I have unlocked a more conscious way of handling the stress of unpredictable things that pop up sooner to not have negative downstream impacts.  Stress and anxiety are natural and I’ve learned healthier ways to conquer it when it first arrives especially through the fellowship and the brotherhood of all you.  Between the 3 Fs, Q Source, Shield Lock and random mumble chatters in the gloom, we are all here for a better cause and I feel through that process we are also helping one another grow mentally and spiritually whether we realize or not. 
    • The takeaway for all of you is make a conscious effort the next time you are faced with what seems to be a wall, ask yourself, will this really matter a year from now, a month, a week, or even by tomorrow?
  • Moon Man lead men in prayer together.

Moon Man ~ AYE!

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