Saturday, May 8

Oracle 7 am

Aldrich Elementary School

PAX (5): Tin Cup/ Cheap Seats/ Vandelay (Respect)/ Wentworth/ Rollbar

Q: Dirty Bird

The 6 HIMs decided to attend the grown up only workout as the Oracle also hosted an excellent Field Day for 2.0s.  With the school grounds used for various 2.0 exercises, the group traveled to the near by parking lot.  

Warm-A-Rama • Imperial Walkers- IC- 15• Side Saddle hops- IC- 10• Sun Gods with calf lifts- IC- 10• Yoga toe taps- IC- 10• Merkins- 10

There was the usual mumblechatter.  We then proceeded to mosey up the hill for the Pre-Thang where we were met with a stiff wind and an overambitious upper body workout.  The group was small enough to complete the exercises together.  The group proceeded with an elevens exercises with ½ around the clock merkins and copperhead squats.

Pre-Thang • 11so ½ Around the clock merkins- 1o Run to other side of parking loto Copperhead squats- 10o Run backo Proceed with 2 ½ around the clock merkins and so on

The group performed the 11s until it was time to move onto the Thang.  The ½ around the clock merkins were determined to be challenging for a pre-thang exercise.  The group moseyed to the first station of the Thang.


The Thang consisted of a string of pearls workout with various stations.  

​​​​Mary (7:50)• First Station (Grass Field near med office)​​​​​​​o Werkins- 20​​​​​​o Bobby Hurley- 20​​​​​​o Flutterkicks- IC 20

​​​​​​• Second Station (parking lot near school)o Alternating Shoulder taps- 20-ICo Right leg lunges- 20o Left leg lunges- 20o Mountain Climbers- 30 IC

Mosey to the near by trail to get out of the wind• Third Station (Found a nice piece of grass by the tennis courts)o Diamond Merkins- 20o Bonnie Blairs- 30 ICo Plank Jacks- 20 IC

 • Fourth Station (field not too far up the trail)o Jump tucks- 15o Air squats- 30o Groiners- 20

Wentworth commented on the varying number of the reps and the random exercises.  He accurately described the workout as the Kitchen Sink and correctly guessed that the Q had a hard time deciding on which exercises to include.  • Fifth Station (back to near tennis courts)o Burpees 5 (3 sets)

The Group moseyed back to the shovel flags for Mary.  Along the way we yelled support to the 2.0s involved in a sack race.  

Mary• Freddie Mercuries (15 IC)• Box cutters (15 IC)• Side crunches (10 each side)• American Hammers (30 IC)

Announcements• Wentworth covered the 3Rd Faith Opportunity going on that day• Rollbar covered the Ruck in Saint Louis

Prayer Requests1. None out loud


I wanted to cover the Concept of Unconditional Love.  When Vandelay asked me to Q, I did not realize it was the day before Mother’s Day.  But the COT works well with Mother’s Day as I associate unconditional love with my Mother.  The topic was inspired by a Sermon on the Good Shepherd Sunday.  The Q briefly covered the biblical text where Jesus explains he is the Good Shepherd and compares his loyalty to the flock compared to hire hands.  Hired hands watching a flock, they will leave when a wolf shows up.  Good Shepherd will not abandon the flock even though the wolves arrive.  In essence, the shepherd is willing to be there when adversity or danger arrives because the shepherd loves the sheep.

A lot of things that drive me are caused by the fear of failure or fear in saying something stupid. I am probably too worried what people think of me.  As I grow older, the fear of failure is still there.  But, it has diminished because there are more people in my life who don’t care if I fail.  It doesn’t matter if I screw something up at work, or say something stupid or get angry.  There are people in my life (my wife, kids or dog) who don’t care what I said or did at work.  They have my back no matter what.  There is a lot power in letting someone know you are there even if the wolves show up.

My suggestion is take some time today or tomorrow and think about who is your good shepherd, who loves you unconditionally and make sure you let them know much you appreciate them, because they make your life a lot easier.  Also, make sure others know you’re there even when adversity strikes.


Closing Prayer

The PAX took a knee and gave thanks for the opportunity to be together to improve themselves. The Q asked Sky Q to watch over those who could not join them during the workout and gave thanks for those who provide unconditional love.

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