May 10, 2021|Westside Career Center | AO – The Octagon | Cool 40°

PAX: Slow Pitch, Z-bo, Tuner, Dr Thunder, Bear Grylls, Jean Claude, Bubbles, Broadside, Hoosgow, U-haul, Polaroid, Golden Pike, Stink Bait, Tin Cup, Bloodshot, Folsom, Roll Bar, Wentworth, Black Jack, Riptide, Spacebar, Othello, Sportiva,Black Flag

Q: Black Flag

Welcomed 24 PAX to a cool, clear morning at The Octagon. Black Flag explained the mission of F3, covered the 5 core principles, checked for FNGs and reminded PAX to modify as needed (and he would do his best to make it needed).  He then informed the PAX his goal of the day was to make sure they were out of breath and then proceeded to instruct them to take two laps around the track and meet up in the center of the soccer field.

1 – Warm-A-Rama

PAX moseyed (a little slower than the Q preferred) to the center after their two laps.  After everyone was circled up the Q used the first exercise to count off:• Side Straddle Hope (24)

Then he continued with:• Tappy Tap (10)• Imperial Walkers (10)​• Chinook (10 each way)

2 – The Pre-Thang (conquer the hill)

The PAX were instructed to gather at the bottom of the hill. Then they proceeded with an exercise at the bottom and an up and down.1. Merkins (10)a. Bear Crawl upb. Crawl Bear down2. Werkins (10)a. Lunge upb. Lunge down3. Diamon Merkins (10)a. Sprint upb. Sprint down

By this time the PAX were beginning to get out of breath.  The Q then instructed them to run two more laps and gather at the coupons.  It was during this mosey that the Q received his first hate.  He smiled and agreed he was hating himself at that moment.  This was also the time when the Q realized his watch timer had turned off and he would be forced to mentally transfer his notes from minutes to actual time.  This seemed harder than it sounds.

3 – The Thang (3 man grinder w/ coupons)

The PAX numbered off into groups of three and then began a 3-man grinder.  On either end there were a list of exercises to be done AMRAP style and the man in the middle moved a coupon:

Bobby Hurley

Monkey Humpers

Side Straddle Hop

Bonny Blair (speed skater)

Al Gore

> > > Murder Bunnies > > >




< < < Rifle Carry < < <

Sun Gods

Cherry Pickers

Dry Docks

Seal Claps

Moroccan Night Club

The Q tried to motivate the troops at this point in time with some music. However, his speaker decided to cut out after 15 seconds of playing. He messed with it twice and gave up (he couldn’t let the rest of the guys have all the fun). After about one round of the above grinder, the Q finally did the mental transfer on the time and realized he was quite ahead of schedule. He smiled as he realized it would allow for another two laps. He called out the command to the PAX and was met with a variety of responses (groans to grins). It was easy to tell who were the runners in the group as one even referred to the running as a “cheat code.” The Q laughed but internally couldn’t understand how the run, which was gassing him, could be considered a break. He was pretty sure a majority of the PAX would agree with him.

4 – Mary

The Q then instructed the PAX to circle up for Mary (he forgot to call Omaha).  The Q was still ahead of schedule so he pretty much made Mary up as he went:• Plank (held while the PAX counted off to 100 in a circle)• 10 second break• Plank (held while counting down from 100)• 10 second break• American Hammers (68 IC in honor of the Q’s father’s birthday today)


At first when the Q called for announcements or prayer requests there was a long pause (he took this to mean he had accomplished his goal and everyone was out of breath).  Eventually, a few announcements were put out:

2nd F get together for first Wednesday hump day

Upcoming Pop-ups: May 17th at Memorial Park and May 23rd at Lake Flanagaan

May’s 12 in 21 run will coincide with the May 23rd pop up at Flanagaan in support of mental health awareness month.

June 12 Brick Builder event to support the F3 Omaha foundation and a couple HIM who will be receiving scholarships.  See Slack for details.

Prayer Requests

None mentioned

COT “A silent fool”

The Q read the following passage of scripture:

Proverbs 17:27-28

27 Whoever restrains his words has knowledge,
    and he who has a cool spirit is a man of understanding.
28 Even a fool who keeps silent is considered wise;
    when he closes his lips, he is deemed intelligent.

The Q did his best to live out this passage and transitioned directly into a closing prayer.  Many of the PAX stuck around to help the Q load up his coupons and this was appreciated.


Black Flag

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