Friday, May 7 | The Combine | Kiewit Middle School | 47 degrees

PAX (30): Sparty / Black Flag / Rollbar / Golden Pike / Moon Man / Khakis (Respect) / Armbrah / Tater Tot / Chucky / Doppler / Thor / Italian Job / Fudd / Patton (Respect) / The Curse / Griswald / Tube Socks / Mac N Cheese / Barn Door / Gator / Dr. Thunder / Bear Grills / Skipper / Z-Bo / Cataracts / Bubbles / Wait Time / Speed Square / Broadside / Second Chance

QIC: Fudd (VQ) & Patton (Respect)

Today was the CO-VQ of Patton and Fudd. Patton, Fudd, Golden Pike and Rollbar all pre-rucked, while many PAX pre-ran. At 0513 Fudd gave the 2 min warning, then 0515 proceeded to give the pre-briefing and thanks to notes ensured all parts were accurately presented. Due to Fudd talking up the beatdown specifically Italian Job was continually guessing what was in store. Fudd mentioned it was the Combine “the hardest working AO in town” and that he was hoping to live up to that this morning. A couple groans were heard. We then proceeded to the softball/kickball field for Warm-a-rama.


  • Side Straddle Hops – 12 IC
  • Tappy Taps – 12 IC
  • Windmills (Slow) – 12 IC

While WAR was going on, there was a lot of talking going on and decided I would need to ensure my voice was load enough for all to hear. We then proceeded to the west end of the school where the Pre-Thang would go down

The Pre-Thang – Count off 1’s and 2’s (round 1 Cherry Pickers – round 2 Big Boys)

  • Group 1 to the bottom for the hill (chem lights) and do 3 burpees then back to the top
  • Group 2 AMRAP exercise

              Switch – Total of 2 rounds

A good amount of mumblechatter still going on, but did notice PAX appreciated the warmup and that it was different. (noted for future Q’s)

The Thang:

  • Station 1 (West Side of the School) Plank Hold till 6 of relieving group is in Plank
  • Station 2 (North Side Wall) Wall Sit Hold till 6 of relieving group is on Wall
  • Station 3 (in front of Station 2) 20 Merkins then run clock wise around school

During the Beatdown Fudd was worried at first that he had constructed a insufficient workout for his VQ. Until the second round when the mumblechatter picked up and he was ensured that no this was doing the trick. At 0550 Omaha was called with all PAX getting just over 3 rounds total and a good sweat on.

Mary was a dedication to Fudd’s division in the Military – 101st Airborne Screaming Eagles

  • 101 Sun God’s (forward) counting but not IC

Name-o-rama: 30 Pax in total were enthusiastic as they named off

Announcements: Sparty spoke to the awarding of two scholarships, VQ HAZE HAS ME FORGETTING THE OTHER ANNOUNCMENTS

COT: Today I spoke about themes – “I have been coming for a bit now and see many Q’s talk about rising above their struggles and their theme being about one or inclusion or any number of struggles or motivations that keep them coming and keep them moving. What keeps me moving is not being a statistic. Being a combat veteran, I am statistically more prone to certain struggles than others. Just like anyone of us has over versions or struggles or opportunities to confront. But the one thing keeps me moving and motivates me is working others as a team or unit to a common goal. My M of all peole put this into clarification after my second day doing F3. She told me she was proud of me for going, early February if everyone remembers, and made the off handed comment that Iron Sharpens Iron. Proverbs 27:17 says as Iron Sharpens Iron so one Man sharpens Another. That moving as a team regardless of who was the fastest or slowest, struggled the most or least. The whole piece of iron moves not just the knife edge or the handle but the entire piece the entire team.”

COT – Closing Prayer

Dear Lord, today we ask for forgiveness for our sins and that your will be done in our lives and the loves of our friends, families and enemies. As we march through the difficulties of our lives, we will mount up on the wings of eagles aloft by your grace and sour above the valley of the shadow of death. We will put on the full armor of the lord so the we may face evil, wickedness and our struggles protected in your righteousness as we stand our ground in truth, together. In your oh so precious name – AMEN

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