Monkey Humpers #ithappenedonbob

May 8 – AO @F3Canyon – Gallup Campus Downtown Omaha – 50 ° air temp Wind gust- 29 ESE
PAX: 6 Strong: Sportiva- Touché- Side Dish- Dome- Buns of Steel- Waffle House
Q: Waffle House

Waffle House welcomed the PAX to the comfort of the F3 tent. He provided the F3 mission statement and disclaimer. PAX members were encouraged to listen to the source of the beat down:

SSH x 25 IC – Tappy Taps 15IC – Sun Gods 10IC F-R – Cherry Pickers 15IC – Mt. Climbers 20 IC
Mosey mumble CHATTER past the first pond

YHC Babble:
Together We Follow- YHC reminded the PAX that when everyone on a team has the ability to complete a mission, and a clear understanding of the mission, and little experience- Command & Control leadership can get the job done. However how often do those things align?

March IC to the fork in the path
Goose-step IC back again

Tentpole Leadership thrives- F3 style! By defining roles and creativly guiding the PAX with the goal of inclusivity. The F3 tent was pitched- each HIM holding a 10 count on each foot with eyes closed illustrated the idea.


  • Sad Clown: Mosey to the pavilion
    15x each IC Sun gods: FrankenSteins, Tappy Taps, Abe Vigoda
    Bear crawl past the first pond
  • I480: Sprint to the 2nd light/ Sprint to pavilion 2
    15x each: IC Mountain climbers, Chinooks, ?Merkins, 10 Burpees,
    Lunges past the first pond
  • Happy Clown: Run to the river pier
    15x each: IC Smurf jacks, Freddie Mercury, Flutter Kicks, thank you Buns!
  • Bat Flipper: Quick run to the base of #BobTheBridge
    15x each: IC Dip, Incline Merkins, 10 count each incline plank R-L, 15 x IC Monkey Humpers on the rim R&R for Ponzi.
    Mosey back the flags hands above head.

  • 6MOM
    15 IC, LBCs 15 IC, Sweat Angels 5 C A. Hammers

  • Announcements: Volunteer Today!
    :rotating_light:PAX Alert: ‘Freed to Lead’ discussion each Thursday in May after The Battlefield AO from 6:30-7am.

New to F3? A Seasoned Veteran? Join the HIM of F3Omaha to read, discuss, listen, share, learn and become unshackled as we prepare for our part in the battlefield of life!

Here is the Schedule:
Part 1 – May 6
Part 2 – May 13
Part 3 (Ch 1-2) – May 20
Part 3 (Ch 3-4) – May 27

Order your copy of Freed to lead! Or PM F3Grillz if you need help getting one!
YHC shared the 4 square diagram that provides space for men of all shapes, sizes and dispositions in the F3 tent. YHC then reminded all that the tent pole is a useful means to promote and guide balance in to the tent/PAX.

Closing prayer.
Spotiva prayers for brother, Prayers for Nancy entering hospice care.

Waffle House AYE!

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