May 5, 2021|AO- Top Rope|45°- cold at first but layers were shed

21 PAX: Rollbar, Thera Band, Flanders, Seabiscuit, Moped (FNG), Toadstool, Tugboat, Chucky, Dr. Thunder, Bear Grylls (FNG), Moon Man, Barn Door, Lifeline, Father Time, Italian Job, Gator, Patch Adams, Armbar, Griswold, Armadillo, Mother Goose (QIC)

5:30 AM- Recited meaning, mission and principles of F3; ask for FNG’s and there were 2! Devin and Jeff.   Gave the disclaimer and offered that the Yokozuna (partnering up and dropping coupons on each other’s chest for 45 minutes) was not covered in it, so we’d have to find a different way to crush our chests. 

Moseyed across to the closest lot for Warm-o-rama:

15 Mother Geese IC

12 Big One’s IC

15 Michael Phelps IC

10 Tempo Merkins IC

20 Monkey Humpers IC

Moseyed south to second lot for Pre-thang:

In honor of our brother Rollbar who isn’t exactly known for keeping it between the lines, we had parking lessons.  

The PAX lined up on the east end of the parking stalls, and moseyed across, stopping inside each stall to perform one Burpee.  Held Al Gore to the 6.  It was so much fun that we did the same thing on the way back up and held plank to the 6.

Counted off in groups of 4 and moseyed to the Basketball court for the Thang:

1 (Push Group)- lap around school, stopping on southwest corner to perform 20 Werkins

2- (bike racks)- 20 dips on one side, go over all three racks and perform 20 sumo squats, repeat until pushed

3- (swings)- 20 swing rows, 20 swing crunches, repeat until pushed

4- (curb)- Clock Merkins (10 with both hands on curb, 10 left hand, 10 with feet on curb, 10 right hand) then 20 Johnny Dramas and repeat until pushed.

All PAX nearly completed each station twice; finished just one short.

6:02 Omaha Call, circle up for Mary:

Guantanamo Bay- PAX lied on their backs in a circle with feet facing out.  They were instructed to hold their feet up to waist height, while one-by-one every member would mosey around and push their feet down.  They were to try not to let their feet hit the ground.  Each PAX had to wait three full seconds after the last one had left for them to go.  

Hammers Rancid Style to get a count.


FNG Naming

We had two.  Devin took the circle first and nobody really listened to what he was saying after realizing he had driven a moped to the beatdown.  YHC wished he would have heard someone throw out “Lloyd Christmas” but settled on “Moped,” which is still a great F3 name.  The next FNG at any beatdown I Q may have to be Lloyd Christmas.  Jeff was next in the circle and claimed to be a huge outdoorsman.  Bear Grylls it was.

Announcements/Prayer Requests

-Toadstool reminded us of the 2.0 play/workout at the Oracle at 7 AM this Saturday.  Should be fun!

-Rollbar again encouraged all to sign up for Grow Ruck in StL.  He’s gonna convince someone.  I would, brother, but I already have a family commitment that weekend.  Some other year maybe but you gotta catch a Cardinals game with me.

COT- My Heart Story, a.k.a. My Reason Why

I know that there are many of us who have heard coaches, athletes, or other motivational people talk about the “why” or “what’s your reason” for trying to take on difficult tasks or goals.  No doubt it has probably been the focus of many a COT.  I decided today was the day to share my reason why when it comes to the First F.

When I was 19 and my dad was 48, I got a call one night from my Mom who said, “we’re in the hospital; Dad thought he was having a heart attack.”  I got this call while already probably 6 beers and a few cigarettes deep before a frat party.  It sobered me up pretty quick.  Turned out he didn’t have a heart attack but had warning signs.  Thankfully he acted on them and went in, as it probably saved his life.  He had significant blockages that would require a triple bypass.  Knowing that high cholesterol is hereditary, my brothers and I all got tested.  I still saw myself as the most in-shape of the three (though I definitely wasn’t with my college diet and lifestyle) and it turned out I had the highest cholesterol in the family, even higher than my Dad’s.  I was a ticking time bomb for a heart attack at some point in midlife.

I went on cholesterol meds and started to try to be better about working out.  I was a meathead though and usually skipped cardio.  It did inspire me to join the Rugby club at SLU and that was a great way to actually mix in a lot of cardio but still be a meathead.  I kept that lifestyle up for the first 12 or so years after college, eventually ditching the cigarettes and running a few half marathons when I met my wife.

Around the beginning of 2020, I began to experience odd heart palpitations and dizziness.  Looking back at it, it very well could have been the onset of my anxiety symptoms which I have shared with you before.  I saw a cardiologist, got all the tests, and eventually was just told that I occasionally experience V-tach and it was very unlikely that it would be fatal.  The wearing of a heart monitor, though, woke me up to the fact that I’m no Spring chicken anymore and that I needed to make more significant changes for my health.  I was put on a betablocker which had some bad side effects that I eventually figured out.  

I shared with the PAX that the reason I took them over to the lot where we did the parking lot burpees is that about a month ago I had a Cardiology follow-up there and was told that my labs and heart health were perhaps the best they have been since starting cholesterol meds in 2004.  I looked out the window at that appointment and reflected on why the First F component of F3 is so important for me.  I want to be in the Respect group, the double Respect group, and (hell why not) the triple Respect group.  Not for my ego or just to keep being around the guys, but I know that if I’m there, then I’ll still be able to pick up and horse around with my grandkids, keep up on long walks with my wife, and not just walk my daughter down the aisle but do one of those cheesy father-daughter synchronized dances with her.  Most importantly, I want to physically be here with them.  No heart attacks, no open-heart surgeries, no old age sad clown… That’s my reason why.  Thank you to the Respect group for being such a great example for me. 

Cheers and SYITG,

Mother Goose

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