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Q: BabyShark

14 PAX met at Halleck Park on a beautiful crisp May morning for The Sandlot. Conditions were ripe for a running AO. Baby Shark introduced F3 and covered the Mission, Core Principles and disclaimer that he is not a professional.

Warmarama: None. We were off and running on a run to get the blood flowing at a recommended 80% race pace for approximately 1.5 miles to the infamous Crest Hill where “legends” are made.

Thang: Once we reached Crest Hill the PAX split into 2 groups where the first group stayed at the bottom of the hill completing air squats AMRAP style while the other group sprinted up the hill then returning to replace group 2. This back-and-forth went on for approximately 15 minutes with the group at the bottom of the hill alternating between air squats and lunges. There was plenty of mumble chatter during the first set, but that slowly dissipated as the reps increased.

*We would learn later (by way of the Strava App) that Firewalker was crowned Legend of the Crest Hill for his incredible fast pace of :39 seconds up the hill. But not so fast my friend… Turns out that Swiper also has the Strava App and graciously pointed out to the group that he now holds the crown with a time of :36 seconds. There are legends among us, not doubt, but how long can Swiper hold on to the crown?

After completing approximately 6 sets of hill runs the PAX headed back to the flags continuing the loop it started for a recovery run just under a mile.

Mary: The group performed 14 American Hammers in cadence with each PAX taking a turn.

Announcements: F3 2.0 (it’s for the kids) will be Saturday at Aldridge Middle School. There is a slight change to monthly half-marathon due to Memorial Day Weekend. Check Slack for more details. KOA is on the Q at the Farm 5/7.

Prayers: Specific prayer for Baby Shark’s friend Jill who completed surgery to remove cancer. Special prayer for Swiper’s friend Pat who is recovering from Covid and continues to be on Oxygen.

COT: Perspective. Baby Shark spoke of the importance of perspective and how it impacts decisions we make and relationships we maintain. Baby Shark shared a story of selecting scholarship winners with a group of people he has known for years and how perspective had a major impact on the decisions. The message was to understand that perspectives can vary and they can vary at different times and under various circumstances. Baby Shark encouraged others to reflect and make an effort to understand someone’s perspective during the day . 

BabyShark ended with a prayer.

Aye! BabyShark #Do do do do dodo



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