The Brick Yard  – May 7th, 2021

49 degrees, a beautiful May Morning

Pre-Runners took off at 5am: The Plague, Jean Claude, Spacebar, Huffy, Merch, Gobbler, Lucky Charms, Stella, Gunner

PAX: Hard Hat, Merch, Biff, Betamax, Gunner, Chicklets, Gumbo, Flanders, Lucky Charms, Wide Right, Lady Bugs, Jean Claude, The Plague, Stella, Polaroid, Vanilla Ice, Selleck, Huffy, Icy Hot, Bloodshot, Spacebar, Relish, Gobbler

At 5:30, YHC welcomed the PAX in attendance.   I stated the F3 mission statement, the 3Fs (Fitness, Fellowship, Faith) and the 5 core principles (Free, Open to all Men, Held Outdoors, Led in a rotating fashion, End in a COT)


            Ran a Lap around The Brickyard


            Tappy Taps

            Big Ones

            Imperial Walkers

            Cherry Pickers

Pre-Thang – Top Gun 

10 Reps of each Exercise then move down the list.  Did this for 10 minutes




            Overhead Press


            Lunges (LBCs for modification)

  • Every minute on the minute, 3 burpees then continue on your coupon counting exercise

Thang – Spilt up into 4 evenly numbered groups, which then split in half.  This was a 2 man grinder, with each group transporting their coupons via the Coupon tire sleds.

Fast Side AMRAP – (No Coupon needed, if too easy, add coupon)

  • Merkins
  • Brazillian Tugboats
  • Big Boys (Feet inside Coupon
  • Johhny Dramas (Standing on the Coupon)
  • Derkins

Slow Side – Focusing on form, and a deliberately slow pace

  • Tempo Dips – 15
  • Inner Thigh Coupon Lifts – 15 Each Side
  • Outer Thigh Coupon Lifts – 15 Each Side
  • Pistol Squats (One Leg Squats) 10 each Side
  • Uneven Merkins – 15 Each Side


  • Freddy Mercurys – 15
  • Hammers – 15
  • Flutter Kicks – 10
  • Frozen Freddies – 15
  • Sarpy Slamers – 15

Announcements/Prayer Requests:

First Friday Lunch (TODAY), 2.0 Field Day, 7am Tomorrow @ Oracle, Be on the lookout for a monthly fitness test in May, Brick Builder CSAUP June 12th

Prayers for multiple PAX recoveries from injuries and surgery. Prayers for Lady Bugs friend who’s young child passed away.


The change of pace is not a new concept.  It has been used in baseball for years.  In a few pitches, any hitter can time up a fastball, but throw in the occasional curveball or change up, makes a batter worry.  Another example is of P90X.  I am sure many of you did that or continue to do it on your own.  It was a fantastic workout that made your muscles not know what was going to hit them that day, AKA muscle confusion. But a change of pace is what can get you out of ruts on a professional level, personal level, relationship level, and parenting.  It is these small changes of pace that make us feel alive and really appreciate all of the “normal time”.  My change of pace was F3, and because of that I have seen improvements all throughout my life.  So I challenge you to do one thing this week that is a change of pace, either speed things up by planning a busy day at the zoo, a bike ride with your M, or 2.0s.  Or you can slow things down, remove screens for a night, make dinner together or just go and get ice cream with your family or coffee with your M, have a fire pit in your back yard.  Use a change of pace to truly appreciate your life, or if you are so inclined, use the new pace to make tiny changes to better yourself, family and anyone around.

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