May 6, 2021//Swanson Elementary//AO- The Coop//40 degrees//

Pax: (13) Beta Max, Toadstool, Huffy, Smashmouth, Gumbo, Flanders, Biff, Honey Stinger, Hoosegow, Stella, Lansbury, The Plague, Big Money

Q: BetaMax

YHC gave the mission statement, core principals, and disclaimer. And we mosey’d around the tennis courts to the basketball courts.

Warm O’ Rama (Red bull)

  • SSH IC x 20
  • Smurph Jacks IC x30
  • Plank Jacks IC x 30
  • Tappy Taps, ICx10

3-man Grinder of Destruction

  1. Station 1
    1. Lunges or bear crawl up the hill
    2. Sprint down
    3. Repear
  2. Sprint to station 2… but do five burpees half-way at the cone (both to and from)
  3. Station 2
    1. Werkins
    2. Mountain climbers
    3. Merkins
    4. Plank Jacks
    5. Makhtar N’Diayes


Rock-paper-scissor competition (pair up, play… losers do burpees). Repeat until Stella won. By that point, first round losers had done about 30 burpees.

6 MoM (like, actually 6 minutes)

  • Left leg to chest crunches x 20
  • Right left to chest crunches x 20
  • Big Boys x 20
  • Box cutters x 20
  • Big Boys x20
  • PAX led abs x 3 more


Please coordinate with Wentworth to sign up for Heartland Hope this Saturday at 0900.

Prayers: Toadstool has surgery tomorrow and prayers for Huffy’s sister.

COT: I don’t like sprinting, burpees, or red bull cadence exercises, but they make me stronger and that is why we did them today. I retold a story of hell week at basic training (the first 3 days of basic training before the first official “week” of training begins. The drill instructors try to break you, mentally. You get very little sleep, food, etc. and have to do very physically demanding things for someone who has not adjusted to military level fitness standards. On Sunday morning at 0700, the instructor told us to grab our toothbrushes, so we did. We were given the option of (A) scrubbing the bathroom floor or (B) brushing our teeth and going to church. Our instructor didn’t care what religion we were or even if we didn’t believe in God, he wanted us to submit to a higher power and to lean on our faith to make it through the months to follow. That made all of us stronger and some of my squadron came to know God through the choice made that morning. We do hard things every day at F3 and never once have I said I regretted getting my butt kicked by the Q and that goes especially for today when I was the Q. Carpe Diem! Do hard things, lean in and accelerate. I look forward to accelerating with each of you.

Joint coffiteria and Freed To Lead study was held at Starbuck’s in Countryside Village following the beatdown.

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