Thursday, May 6 | The Berm | Stone Creek Park | 37 degree wind chill

PAX (18): Cataracts, Lifeline, Father Time, Armadilla, Fudd, Patton (Respect), Theraband, Chucky, Birdman, LPC, Toto, Italian Job, Range Ball, Wentworth, Hawg (Respect), Wait Time, FNG (Lost Boy), Sparty

Pre-Runners (4): Birdman, Wentworth, Chucky, Cataracts

This day will go down in history as a legendary day, and it had nothing to do with the Beatdown or COT. Most of the PAX arrived between 5:15-5:27. For everyone coming from the south, they all noticed a man walking down 168th St. YHC recalled the 1st pop-up that he ran from that same neighborhood to the park, but didn’t think that was a PAX walking today. Sparty showed up and got his lights and cones set up in position much quicker than he though then spent the next 12 minutes just hanging by the flags waiting for the men to arrive. As the men arrived one at a time and made their comments about this unseasonal cold morning, we were greeted at 5:28 by the same random guy walking down the road. He seemed sober and in good order. After he shared that he was walking home from 120th & Dodge and home was in Bennington, YHC learned that he “needed to be home by 8am.” So he was assured that we would be done at 6:15 and encouraged him to join us. The clock struck 5:30 and he was still there, it was go-time!

YHC welcomed the PAX to the Berm and then proceeded to share the mission and 5 core principles of F3. The disclaimer was as follows: “I am not a professional. So, going forward, everything I share is simply a suggestion. Feel free to modify as necessary. Today’s workout is very simple and I encourage you all to engage in mumblechatter as best as you can. Let’s roll!” The PAX then proceeded to mosey up to the soccer field on top of the Berm.


  • Son Gods – 10F/10R IC
  • Cherry Pickers – 10 IC
  • Tappy Taps – 10 IC
  • Tater Taps – 10 IC
  • Hamstring stretch – 10 seconds each side
  • ATMs – AST 10 IC, Tempo Merkins 10 IC, Merkins 10 count

While WAR was going on, there was a lot of talking going on and YHC thoroughly enjoyed that the men were taking his advice. But now it was time for the Thang. All the men counted off in 3’s and pointed out where each station was and Chucky tried taking off. Sparty quickly suggested he stay and listen because there weren’t any Weinki’s today. “We will rotate counter-clockwise and group 1 is the Push Group. Here is the plan………:”

The Thang:

  • Station 1 (West Berm) 11’s: Burpees at the bottom of the hill and hand-release merkins at the top. Bernie Sanders up the hill.
  • Station 2 (South Bowl): Bear Crawl up the hill then perform 10 hand-release merkins at the top. AMRAP until pushed
  • Station 3 (Soccer Field): run together around the cones and each time you return to the light, perform 10 Burpees. AMRAP until the push group arrives.

There was plenty of complaining, but it started to get washed out by all of the quality mumblechatter. Both excited YHC. As 2 full rotations were completed, the 3rd one was cut short due to time as Sparty knew they needed to name the FNG and that there were a lot of announcements. You could hear a sigh of relief as the PAX’s shoulders were beaten down. A short mosey back to flags was all that remained. As the men arrived, it was time for NOR and YHC explained to the FNG what was about to happen and what he should say.

Name-o-rama: Theraband was very wet, there was a weak attempt at a bird noise for Birdman, and our FNG stole the show with naming himself “Lumberjack.”

FNG – this story just gets better. He had been out since around 12:30am and was just walking home. As he was walking down 168th St. he noticed men gathered and a couple American Flags. What we eventually learned is that he is being shipped off for active duty in the military next week and when he saw us standing there with the flags, he thought were a military group. So he just walked over to talk to us. He said: “I figured I’ve been walking all morning. I might as well just stay and workout after you all invited me.” While YHC was hoping for one of our military vets to step up with a solid name, we landed on Lost Boy.

Announcements: Wentworth shared a couple volunteer opportunities – 1. Heartland Hope this Saturday as well as 2. NorthStar in June. He also encouraged the PAX to share if they have any ideas or places, they like to volunteer at, to bring to the group so we can continue to get more involved. Birdman talked about the May 23 Mental Battle Pop-up at Lake Flanagan at 6am. Also, there is a 2.0 “Field Day” at Aldrich on Saturday at 7am. Lastly, Fudd shared that his VQ is tomorrow at The Combine!

Prayers: Wait Time asked for a prayer for Lost Boy as he is about to embark on a journey with unpredictable circumstances.

COT: I am someone who really believes in Q Source and I like to bring that material to my COT’s to help get the word out. Today I want to talk about a very important saying that ties back to so much of what F3 is all about: What-What. This means: “What happens when I die? What does this mean about the way I live.” This ties into the conversation about Legacy and an important topic in helping each of us find our mission/purpose in life. Last week at Q Source, we touched on an important element to this, your Ultimate Life Problem (ULP). By discovering what this is for you, coming up with your solution is your mission. We are all living out Dredd’s mission in simply being a part of F3. For me, I identified that there is a problem in the world with too many boys and young men are living with non-existing fathers or mentors. This could be literal as in they truly don’t have a father, or it could mean they have one but they aren’t present or making any sort of impact on the young man’s life. This is where we as a society have failed and if we could correct this, think of the Impact this would have on our community. So for me, I set off on this journey to create scholarships for young men and tie this into a mentorship opportunity. This is my solution for what I believe to be the Ultimate Life Problem. I share this with you as a hope that it inspires you to think about your “What-What” and how you want to make an Impact on the world. Spend time this weekend and going forward exploring this for yourself. You may not discover your problem you’re trying to solve today, it could even be 5 years down the road. But make this a priority in your life to find your mission and leave your legacy.

YHC took the PAX out in Prayer.



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