Paradise Island May 5, 2021


Attack your fears and shortcoming to be your best

F3 – Fitness Fellowship and Faith

“Today we are focusing on the First F Fitness”


PAX present: Khakis (Respect), Honey Stinger, Stiches, Demogorgon, Cataracts, LPC, Grillz, Sven, Gunner, Merch, Sampsonite, FDIC, Skipper, Biff, Icy Hot, Sparty, 2×4, Ice T, Broadside, Sister Act, Safe Ride, Buns of Steel, Lazy Boy, Retweet, Lady Bugs, Stink Bait, The Plague, Birdman, Touche, Othello, Nugent, Blue Chip, Frosty, Vanilla Ice, Uhaul, Bubbles, Tater Tot, Slow Piiiitcha (Happy Birthday!), YHC Grease Fire



YHC arrived at 5:10 slightly surprised to see a decent group of HIM gathering and the prerunners had yet to return. The preblast calling out the Clydesdales had worked with a large contingent of them showing up for the running AO of Douglas County. 

The diligence of time keeping was not lost on YHC, checking the trusting time device at 5:14 shortly after Site Q had to remind we start at 5:15 no matter what time I wanted to end. Site introduction went well then it was downhill from there as the Q momentarily forgot his name.


Mission Statement

“To plant, grow and serve men’s small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership”



“I am not a professional – all exercises are merely a suggestion, please modify as needed.  From this point on there is a real risk of injury so please be safe” 


5 Core Principles


​Open to all men

​Peer led

​Always outside

​End with COT (Circle of Trust)



​Leave no man behind. Leave no man where you found him.


Let’s mosey to the grassy knoll at Harney St for warm-a-rama, let the mumble chatter begin!


​15 Imperial Walker IC

​15 Tater Taps IC

​15 Cherry Picker IC


Time for the next mosey up to the top of the hill and the park. After a quick consult YHC decided to split this group of 39 for the Thang on the fly. 


​Quickly counting off into 2 groups after the 6 arrived at the park, Group 2 took a mosey around the Rose, while group 1 stayed behind for some Derkins, turns out you can do a lot of derkins in 8:00 approximately 100. 

Group 2 finally arrives and has the pleasure of Derkins, or Merkins, or Nerkins while Group 1 hits the mosey around the park. 

The switch is made with Group 1 doing step ups and Group 2 doing a half lap to conserve time. After one more switch Omaha is called at 5:50 and the mosey back to the flags begins.

As the PAX descended to the flags questions about where the 6 actual was started to arise. Luckily no one was lost on the way down, thanks to FDIC and a few others for hanging back. 

Announcements and Prayers:- June 11-12 Brick Builder Foundation event registration coming soon- First Friday lunch @ Inner Rail this Friday 11:30- 3rd F opportunity at Heartland for Hope this Sat contact Wentworth or check Slack- 2.0 Workout this Saturday 7:00 am Oracle- Demogorgon’s ex-wife is struggling with MS and its really affecting her life right now



COT: Fear holds us back from any number of things, for any number of reasons. We have to overcome our shortcomings to grow whether it’s with F3 and trying a new AO or in life and stepping into something challenging and different. 

Lean into the difficult, push your boundaries it’s the best way to grow.

Prayer – Grease Fire

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