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QIC: Blue Suede and Blue Chip

THE SCENE: Zorinsky Lake, and a beautiful pink sky, Nebraska Sunrise!


I am not a professional

The mission of F3: “to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.”

The 5 Core Principles:

• Free of charge

• Open to all men

• Held outdoors

• Peer led

• Ends with COT

Credo: “Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you find him.”


20 Cherry Pickers

20 Bigs Ones

20 Moroccan Nightclubs 

20 Air Squats

20 Imperial Walkers


7 of Diamonds

Performed on a large a square: we used the outside of a soccer field. For the first round, we did 7 reps of burpees at each of the 4 corners with a mosey in between corners. Each round, increase by 7 reps with a different exercise each round, for a total of 4 rounds. Round 2, 14 four count flutter kicks at each of the 4 corners. Round 3, 21 merkins at each of the 4 corners. Round 4, 28 squats at each of the 4 corners. We then decreased from there with different exercises. (If time allows, continue for a total of 7 rounds, decreasing the reps by 7 for each of the last 3 rounds with exercises of the Q’s choice. We will do some rounds on your own, then wait for the six each round; and some rounds we do as a group. Q’s choice.)


20 Flutter Kicks

20 Big Boys

20 LBC’s

20 Freddie Mercury’s

20 American Hammers




Crab Cakes



Barn Door

Grease Fire

Ding Dong 



Moon Man






Cutting Edge 


Blue Suede

Blue Chip


Nothing Lasts. Change is Constant. Trust the Process. Enjoy the journey.

You clean and then it gets dirty. You do the dishes and then five minutes later, the sink is full again. You made it through your inbox in the morning and by the time late afternoon strikes, you’re already digging yourself out again. Literally before you’ve even finished putting the dog’s toys away, they’re splayed out across the floor. Just as you put the finishing touches on that big project, another is dropped on your plate. You finally organize your kids’ clothes and now they’ve grown out of them. This can drive you nuts. Or you can learn to love it.

You are at work. Your growth is at work. So we should not feel exasperated or frustrated by it. We should love the flow of it. It’s not work we’re doing, it’s art. Finish? To be finished would mean the end of this—the end of our lives. No, we like that it’s a little bit like Groundhog’s Day. Because it means a chance to wake up and live another day. To do it beautifully. To do it well.


2.0 Workout 7am Sat. 5.8.21 at the Oracle bring out your 2.0’s for a workout simliar to a field day!

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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