April 30, 2021 / AO – Golden Spike  / 5:30 / Temperature:  52

Pax:  Sven, Saul, Griswold, Toto, Grillz, TC (respect), Sister Act, Khakis (respect), Dirty Bird, Water Boy, Super Tasty, Z-Bo, Golden Pike, Cheap Seats, Iced T, Room Service, FDIC, Patton (respect), Rollbar, Tuner, Re-Tweet, and Vandelay (respect).

Q: Wentworth

Started promptly and welcomed the PAX to F3 Omaha at 5:30.   The Mission Statement and Disclaimer were given, along with the 5 core principles.


Mosey over to the east side of the high school parking lot for some SSH’s (20IC), Windmills (10IC), Sun Gods 10F and 10B, Mountain Climbers 15IC, Cherry Pickers 15IC, and 20 Copperhead Squats IC.

Quick Pre-Thang

From the hill on the grassy noll on the east side of the parking lot, we did 5 rounds of the merkins around the clock.  12 o’clock, 3 o’clock, then 6, quick 5 second count for the Q, then finished up with 9 and 12 o’clock.


Classic 3-man Grinder which is a Khakis specialty and it was Khakis approved with a text after the beatdown.

Spaced out the cones around 4:45 a.m. with enough room in between to get the PAX running around the grassy area with some hills to go up and down. 

PAX gathered up in groups of 3 and then YHC briefly explained the order of operation for this grinder.

Station 1 was the push group and they would alternate between the cones at the bottom and top of the hill doing either bear crawl or Bernie Sanders.

Station 2 was doing 100 Carolina Dry Docks/Box Cutters (Vandelay special), Lunges, and Air Squats

Station 3 was doing 100 Apollo Ono’s, Merkins, Flutter Kicks, and Mountain Climbers

The rotation took about 5-6 minutes, so we went around quite a few times.  I don’t think that I ever did any air squats, but the combination of going from Merkins to CDD’s wasn’t great planning by the Q.

Mumblechatter was low as everyone was trying to remember what number they were on when they got to the new station and then trying to figure out which exercise they were supposed to be doing and also catching their breath from all of the bear crawl and running between stations.  Rinse and repeat was in full gear as YHC decided to do no cadence and all exercises were singles.  Some of the PAX cranked out 100 merkins or 100 flutter kicks in no time at all.  I tried to talk to a couple PAX, but it was easier said than done today.



3rd F opportunity to volunteer at Heartland Hope May 8th from 9:00-12:30.  3rd F opportunity to help with the NorthStar lacrosse team this season. Freed to Lead book discussion every Thursday in May at the Starbucks close to the Battlefield and Coop from 6:30-7:00.  2.0 workout next Saturday, May 8th at 7:00 at The Oracle, all other beatdowns and AO’s will be open that day.

Prayer for FDIC and Toto’s family.

COT:   Two natures beat within my breast,

             The one is foul, the other blessed,

             The one I love, the other I hate;

             The one I feed will dominate

             The thing is, both of those emotions will always be present in you.

The emotion you continually feed is the one that will dominate your life.  You can’t expect fear simply to disappear.  If you continually focus on your fears, entertain them, and give in to them, they will increase.  The way to ultimately overcome them is to starve them.  Don’t give your fears any of your time or energy.  Don’t feed them with gossip or negative news shows or frightening movies.  Focus on your faith and feed it. 

The more energy and time you give it, the stronger it becomes.  And anytime you feel afraid of doing something but go ahead and do it anyway, you will be reprogramming your attitude.  When you feel fear, it will mean “go” instead of “stop,” and “fight harder” instead of “give up.”

This really spoke to me and I feel that we can all learn from this and we need to fight off the fear and not feed it.  We need to feed our faith which will help us to become better and stronger men.

Ended in prayer.



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Golden Spike

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