April 28, 2021//Stinson Park//AO-Heavy Metal//Mild morning with very few sprinkles//

24 Pax: Armadillah, Nugent, Spreadsheet, Greasefire, McEnroe, Golden Pike, Bloodshot, Folsom, Black Flag, Hipster,  Wentwort, Sportiva, Space Bar, Z-Bo, Surf-N-Turf, E85, Betamaxx, Bovine, Portajohn, DaVinci, Dome, Toadstool, FNG – Ladybugs

Q: Frosty

5:30 sharp YHC welcomed the PAX and gave the mission statement.  The 5 principles were listed and we got right to work with a mosey around the park . . . You know how I LOVE the park!

Warm O’ Rama

  • SSH IC
  • Slow, Deliberate Windmills
  • Chinooks only you have to hold your index, pinky and thumb out like HEAVY METAL people who WANT TO ROCK
  • Moroccan Night Clubs with the same hand gesture
  • Big Ones

The Thang: Let’s Lift Weights

  1. Super-Sets
    A.  CURLS
    D.  FLYS (ON BACK)
  • After each Super-Set we took a lap, stopping at the east benches to do the same reps of DIPS

Round 1 Reps – 25
Round 2 Reps – 20
Round 3 Reps – 15
Round 4 Reps – 20

6 MoM

  • Pax paired up and did the “Firewalker Drill” of taking turns maxing out Big Boys in 1 minute
  • American Hammers, Rancid Style

Announcements/Prayer Requests:   Folsom talked for a really, really long time about the new F3 Omaha podcast, the Glue-oom.  There are 3rd F opportunities, see Wentworth or check Slack. 

Prayers for Touche’s friend who passed away last weekend.  Prayers for Sportiva’s friend Darrin, going through a divorce

COT:   In positive psychology research, gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness. Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships. = HARVARD HEALTH

It was really easy to feel grateful on Saturday after the anniversary.   It’s usually pretty easy to feel grateful at F3, surrounded by so much positivity!  We are improving our health, showing our bodies we are grateful for the ability to come out here and hopefully push ourselves a little. 

I’ve found myself picking and choosing beatdowns based on the “predicted ease” or “predicted difficulty” of the Q.  Yesterday, I disregarded that and went to a Wait Time beatdown and I pushed over 190 bpm!!  I used to spill merlot at 175!  That’s too high, but I’m grateful I went and can push myself. 

I walked into work grateful on Saturday.  I had just been with you guys.  I acknowledged to my boss that I was grateful he let me come in late to attend the anniversary.  I got a great workout.  My heart was just full!  Everything that came my way at work I handled, and I handled it with a smile on my face and business-wise it was a very successful day!

I’m so grateful for F3 and all my teachers in F3.  The bible says

1 Thessalonians 5:18 Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

I’m going to give you a couple of examples.  Slow Pitch brought me to F3 and I’m grateful for that.  Spreadsheet gave me a shit ton of rides so I could make it to F3.   Beta carried my weights for me to Heavy Metal for almost a year.  Polaroid showed me so much kindness one day, he not only helped me that day but that act showed me how to act every day.  Toadstool.  . . . . Toadstool really changed my life with no regard for WIIFM (what’s in it for me)!

But again, it is easy to be grateful here.  Out there is where the rubber hits the road.   Out there is where we can expose our grateful hearts and our attitudes and actions affect others not only directly but indirectly.  People are watching.  Your kids, your wives or others, your employers, employees, COWORKERS, customer service representatives for pete’s sake. 

I’m so grateful that we can come out here and exercise, grateful for how you’ve helped with my fitness.  I’m so grateful for the fellowship and grateful that I can look at a group of guys and say HEY I PRAY, DO YOU?  DO YOU WANT TO PRAY TOGETHER?  Cool?

  • Then we prayed together and were grateful

Aye- Frosty

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