May 1, 2021//Aldrich Elementary School//AO- The Oracle (6 a.m.)//64 windy degrees//

19 Pax: Vandelay, Two Step, Stink bait, Water Boy, Super Tramp, American Picker, Good Life, FNG (forever after known as Smokey)!!, Arm Bar, Italian Job, Wyld Stallyn, Chucky, Relish, Huffy, No Doze, Doppler, Blaze of Glory, Stitches, Folsom.

Q: Folsom

Warm O’ Rama (15 minutes)

  1. Mosey the long way around the school to the basketball courts
  2. Abe Vidgoda’s ICx10
  3. Copperhead Squats ICx12
  4. Sobriety Style Sun Gods ICx12 forwards and backwards
  5. Mountain Climbers ICx20
  6. Tempo Merkins ICx10

The Thang: Coupons and a Hill, What More do you need? (40 minutes)

Folsom briefly explained that today’s beatdown would allow everyone a chance to pick and lead an exercise. He called it the Libertarian Beatdown. Folsom explained that as a Libertarian, he believes in everyone’s right to choose for themselves and to suffer the consequences of those choices, but since this is F3, the PAX would suffer together. Folsom had the PAX count off and told them that after a few minutes of mosey, #1 would lead an upper body exercise, #2 would lead a lower body, and #3 would lead a core exercise. After 3 PAX got to lead, we would mosey another few minutes, before the next 3 PAX got their turns. After a couple of stops along the route, Folsom further explained that he was not advocating anarchy, and therefore there would be some rules. Each PAX had to use HTC (How To Count) to lead the exercise and had to do the best they could. Folsom demonstrated HTC because some the PAX were in their first week and there, obviously, was one PAX in his first beatdown. The PAX moseyed out, turned around after 1.5 miles, and moseyed back to the school. Everyone got a chance to lead, except Folsom, but he didn’t mind. The PAX were very appreciative that Folsom took the time to explain HTC and why we do it. Folsom thinks it’s good to give everyone a chance to lead, they may not be ready to Q an entire workout, but anyone can lead a single exercise with skill and grace.

6 MoM

No need for Mary today; we got plenty in the Thang.

Announcements/Prayers: There will be a CSUP June 12th, that will be open to the public an done in teams of four. It’s going to be a fundraiser for our scholarship!

COT Today was all about personal responsibility. Folsom took just a few minutes to tell about how he is allowing his kids to make their own choices, such as making their own dinner if they don’t want to eat what Folsom is cooking, but that means that they are responsible to clean up everything they get dirty when making that dinner. Folsom encouraged everyone to hold people accountable for their actions in their lives and to know that even pretty big mistakes can be overcome if you accept responsibility and learn from them.  

Aye- Folsom

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