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Q:Crab Cakes

Welcome: The Q welcomes the group to the official launch goes over our Mission to Plant small workout groups for the Invigoration of male community leadership. He then goes over the 5 core principles and disclaimer . We welcome 3 FNG’s, Pat, Henry, and Butch and take off for the workout

Warm-a-Rama: 15 IC each of SSH, Tappie Taps, and Imperial walkers. Then we finished warming up with WMD’s doing 15 of each Werkins, Merkins and Diamond Merkins. We then count off into 4 groups for the pre- thang

Pre-Thang: We Have four pain stations with Station 4 being the push group

  • Station 1: Slalom shuffle through the fence posts and bear crawl back
  • Station 2: On benches 20ea Dips, Derkins, jump ups rinse repeat till pushed
  • Station 3: Hold High Plank and hop over your fellow PAX members
  • Station 4: Hold Air Chair- 20 each IC- Cherry Pickers, Moroccan Night Clubs, Air Press, Chinooks both ways

After the first push group took forever leading to lots of mumble chatter across the PAX this circus began to operate smoothly keeping the PAX constantly moving and working hard. We then stayed in our groups for an Indian run to the Thang.

Thang: Partner up one partner works on a list of exercises while their partner back peddles up the hill and does 5 Burpees. At the bottom of the hill we focused on legs doing:

Bobby Hurly, LT Dan, Squat Jump, Bonnie Blair, Monkey Humpers, Air Drama, Hydraulic Squats, Jump Tucks, Copper Head Squats, Big Ones, Copper Head Lunge

At about the squat jumps there begins to be some grumbling but the PAX powered through the workout till the Q yelled OMAHA

6MOM: Short on time a bit we conclude with a quick Mary doing American Hammer Rancid style

COT and Announcements: The Q tells a little about his crazy week as he like many in our group take on sometimes too much sometimes not knowing when to say no. But when you are feeling overwhelmed just focus on the task at hand and knock 1 thing off the list at a time. We conclude we announcements Tater Tot wanted to shout out the expansion as it was concluding here at Dragon’s Lair, Bubbles at Khakis instance announces the upcoming F3 Family Night on June 11th at Stinson Park and the CSUP for the F3 foundation on the 12th. Finally Girl Dad this month is Vascular Birthmark Month in honor of his daughter asking the PAX to keep on their hearts this month. T-Claps to slow roast for bringing coffee for us to celebrate the launch and hang out after for a bit of 2nd F after we do a quick prayer to end the workout.

Welcome FNG’s: Garfunkel, Lincoln Log’s, and Sundance

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