April 28, 2021 – Paradise Island


22 Men in attendance: Gunner, Black Jack, Sven, Vanilla Ice, Brazilian, Flanders, Buns of Steele, Biff, Vandelay (respect), Cataracts, Khakis (respect), Icy Hot, FDIC, Stinkbait, Slow Pitch, Sparty, LPC, Skipper, Broadside, Stella, Stitches, Ice-T

Introduction: Welcome to F3, spoke of the mission statement and five core principles; no FNGs so moseyed along. Took an uncommon path through the Regency neighborhood, with five stops to do the following exercises:

15 Apollo Ohnos IC

15 Merkins

15 Rosalitas

6 Minutes of Mary: 20 Flutter Kicks, 20 Ivan Dragos, and finished with American Hammers rancid style.

Announcements were made and a prayer was offered.

COT: Spouses are important, often the most important person in our lives, but brotherhood and male friendship is critical. Keep it in mind and focus on it, reaching out when you think of someone, and keep those friendships strong.

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