PAX (29):

QIC: Ferdinand & Blue Suede

Pre-Run: Tony The Tiger, Tater Tot, Double Dip, Trench, Pea Soup, FireWalker, The Plague, Blue Suede, Gobbler, GirlDad, KOA, Baby Shark, Jean Claude, Ferdinand, FNG – Matt Morgan

Ferdinand welcomed the PAX and introduced himself and co-Q Blue Suede, F3’s Mission, The Three Fs, 5 Core Principles, Disclaimer and asking if there are any FNGs. There was one FNG – Matt Morgan!

Quick before Blue Suede took us to warm-o-rama and the pre-thang, I asked everyone to yell out YEE-HAW on the count of three..1…2…3…YEE-HAW!


Pre Thang:
Ring of Fire Tire Flips – Everyone flipped both tires in groups of two 1 time in rotating fashion while everyone else does high knees and a burpee on the flip of the tires. Everyone had to yell out YEE-HAW after each tire was flipped!

# off 1-5 – 1s go with Blue Suede, 2s go with TTT, 3s go with FireWalker, 4s go with Trench, and 5s go with Ferdinand.

The Thang: 5 Stations

Station 1 – Panel Crawl Overs + Burpee (rinse & repeat)

Station 2 – Jump Ups & Dips (10 each – rinse & repeat)

Station 3 – Beam Pull-ups & Merkins (10 each – rinse & repeat)

Station 4 – 10 LBCs IC, 10 Heel Touches IC, 10 Flutter Kicks IC then PAX choice until getting pushed

Station 5 – (PUSH GROUP) Mosey around light up cone holding coupon one time

Called Springfield aka Omaha at 5:50 AM to head to shovel flags!

# Off/Name-o-rama/FNG/Announcements/Prayer Requests/COT/Buckle Presentation/Prayer: 29 HIM – Chippendale, Feeney, Blue Suede, Lucky Charms, FireWalker, Thomas, Boiling Point, The Plague, Mufasa, Hard Hat, GirlDad, FNG – Tuff, Double Dip, Rooney, Folsom, Trench, Knobs, Space Bar, KOA, Gobbler, Pea Soup, Arch, Baby Shark, Tony The Tiger, Maaco, Squeaky Clean, Jean Claude, Tater Tot, Ferdinand.

Announcements – Dragons Lair Official Launch tomorrow morning at 6 AM at Gretna City Park, Hard Hat talked about the upcoming monthly fitness test – APEX more info coming soon, May is Mental Health Awareness month, 2.0 workout next Saturday at The Oracle, and T-Claps to the Sarpy boys for the continued expansion!

Prayer Requests – Hurting PAX and Lucky Charms M’s Uncle Steve

COT – Today marked my 100th F3 Beatdown! Before I went to bed last night in anticipation for the official launch, I took some time to reflect. Prior to F3 I would work late most nights and then come home and do my 1-3 hours of training for triathlons as soon as I got home before bed. This caused a lot of stress on my mind and body. I was not spending time with my girls when I got home like I should have been doing and my wife and I did not spend enough time together either. I knew something had to give…..that’s when TTT & Trench told me about F3 and advised me to come check it out. I had never been an early workout riser and I was not certain my body would function this early in the morning. Boy was I caught by surprise when I came to my first ever F3 beatdown at Paradise Island! I was juiced up once I left and I knew this was exactly what I needed! Fast forward 100 beatdowns later…..I now feel like I have a stronger relationship with my M, I get to enjoy dad time after work and even put my girls to bed each night, I feel like my mind and body are stronger, and I have met lifelong friends since joining F3! This official launch would not have been possible without the support of many PAX members. I even had some initial concerns as to if The Farm would be successful long-term. I came across this Michael Jordan quote and it spoke to me as today is the official launch day….

“Don’t be afraid to fail. Be afraid not to try.”  -Michael Jordan

Buckle Presentation – The Buckle Award for the official launch of The Farm goes to Baby Shark! He is accelerating in all 3 Fs. He is a perfect example of what it means to be a HIM! Thank you for your continued support of The Farm.

Prayer – Blue Suede took us out in prayer!



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