April 29, 2021//Memorial Park//AO-Futurama //52 gorgeous degrees//

23 Pax: Demogorgon, Spreadsheet, U-Haul, Black Jack, Sportiva, FNG (forever hereinafter Wyld Stallyns—Welcome!), 2Step, Nugent, Frosty, Surf ‘N’ Turf, Dome, Roster, KC, Bovine, Stiches, Rice A Roni, Side Dish, Jeeves (Respect!), Hashtag, Spacebar, Othello, Polaroid, Folsom.

Q: Folsom

The PAX circled up round the shovelflags at the top of the stairs. Folsom entered the circle a minute before 05:30 with an air raid siren blaring and the voice of Flavor Flav pumping the PAX up. Folsom introduced himself as a friendly guy, but he was not going to be anyone’s friend for the next 45 minutes. Folsom explained that he had plotted a course for today, but it was up the PAX as to how hard they pushed themselves and therefore how fast they accelerated. The mission statement was made, the 5 core principles were stated, the disclaimer was made, then Folsom lead the PAX on a partial lap around the circle drive before leading them to the center of the memorial for a warm up.

Warm O’ Rama 5:31

  1. Wall Sit for the 6, shake them out, wall sit for 30 count
  2. Balls to the Walls, 30 count
  3. Repeat first two
  4. Tappy Taps, ICx10
  5. S, S, H, ICx21, 1st 14 out loud, last 7 silent, if we don’t all stop together, 7 burpees, the PAX did not stop together, so another round was done, which also resulted in 7 burpees

The Thang: Past, Present, Future 05:42

  1. The Future:
    1. Bear Crawl up the hill
    1. Ten Speeds, ICx5
    1. Mosey down the hill
    1. After 3 times up the hill, run down the hill to Station 2 to be the push
  2. The Present:
    1. Red Bull Mountain Climbers ICx10
    1. Come out of the “blocks” to sprint up to the wall
    1. Mosey back to start
    1. Repeat until pushed
  3. The Past:
    1. Derkins, x10
    1. Step Ups, ICx15
    1. Dips, x20
    1. Repeat until pushed

MOM: No Mary at Futurama!

Announcements/Prayers 6:06: Check out the F3 Omaha podcast, The Glue-oom.

Mumblechatter: Black Jack told he thought it was all hype, but he had started to break a sweat so maybe I wasn’t all hot air. This was said at 5:58, so you can decide if that was a testament to the difficulty of my beatdown or not.

COT: This was a game time decision for me. The theme of the workout was Past, Present, and Future, and I had thought about giving my opinion of which of those deserve your foremost attention, but that the other 2 were still deserving of our attention. But I scratched that because I don’t often make it to Futurama, so I knew I had to bring something from the heart for one of our old school AO’s. So, I told the story of why I do the flex in Namarama. It started simple enough, other guys were coming up with little signs related to their names, and I wanted something to stand out with too. I thought flexing the biceps made sense, after all, I like to do curls. But as I continued to do, I started to think about what it really means to be strong. I’m not physically all that strong, I don’t have a huge arm to be flexing like that all over the internet, but I do possess strength. The kind of strength that really matters in my humble opinion. Everyday, I push myself out of my comfort zone. I do things that make me nervous, things that make me uncomfortable, and things that scare me. I have the kind of strength that allows me to do the right thing, even when it terrifies me. The biggest thing that I’m afraid of is being vulnerable, of showing my true self, because I’m afraid if people know the true me, they won’t love me. So, I lived for a long time with putting up a fake me. But that really lead to some serious problems. When you make mistakes, you have basically two choices, pretend it didn’t happen and move on, or own it and learn from it. When I got divorced, and drank too much, I owned it, to some friends at first, but eventually to the entire PAX, in a CoT you made of heard about. That was me, tackling my biggest fear head on. The last time I recounted that story, The Plague pointed out, that despite me admitting my faults, I still got love from the PAX. It wasn’t something that I had ever considered before. He was right though. I find the strength to do the right thing even though I’m scared to do it from the PAX. I feel strong enough to be my true self around people, because I am loved by the PAX. I can be myself around the next woman in my life. I know it’s the right way to start a relationship that could last, and although I’m scared as hell to do it, I am doing it. I have the strength to do it because the PAX love me and I love the PAX.

Aye- Folsom

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