PAX: (6) Stink Bait, Cutting Edge, Tin Cup, Tug Boat, Sven 

Q: Icy Hot

The Qic arrived about 445am a little concerned that the field would be locked. Much to his relief the field was available. The Qic was asked to plant the Battlefield flag for the site AO. What an honor?! Thank you Grillz.

Once the Qic was set up and ready to go he waited until 5am to take off on a pre-run. He was hoping someone would take the bait from the pre-blast, but the Qic was left to pre-run solo around the neighborhood. It allowed him to just think and run. It is more difficult to run on your own, so he cut the run short after two miles and returned to the shovel flags.

 As the Qic stood around the shovel flags he thought it would be a small group posting at the Battlefield with the launch of “The Coop.” Congratulations Toadstool! 

The PAX was promptly welcomed at 530am by the Qic with the F3 mission statement, core principles, and the disclaimer. No FNGs were present.


The PAX moseyed to midfield and circled up for warm-a-rama. 

Motivators – SSH, SSH – arms to shoulder height only, SSH – legs only, Hops. Started at 7 of each and went down to 1.

Tappy Taps – 10 IC

Big Ones – 10 IC

Imperial Walkers – 10 IC


Every Minute on the Minute, whatever time was left over was recovery.

5 Bonnie Blairs/5 Burpees/5 squats

5 Bonnie Blairs/6 Burpees/5 squats

5 Bonnie Blairs/7 Burpees/5 squats

5 Bonnie Blairs/8 Burpees/5 squats

5 Bonnie Blairs/9 Burpees/5 squats

Total of 25 Bonnie Blairs/35 Burpees/25 Air Squats


The PAX partnered up and started at the goal line. The PAX would complete the first exercise and required reps, then walking lunge to the 10-yard line, repeat the same exercise, walking lunge to the 20-yard line. They would repeat this to the 40-yard line and jog back to the goal line. The PAX would then begin the next exercise and repeat the process. After the werkins the Qic called an audible and left how the partners traveled the 10 yards up to each pair. 

Merkins – 5

Monkey Humpers – 5 IC

Cherry Pickers – 5 IC

Squat Jumps – 5

Werkins – 5

Overhead Claps – 5 IC

Alternating Shoulder Taps – 5 IC

The PAX made it through all the exercises one time when Omaha was called at 604am. The PAX circled up in the endzone and completed Mary.


LBC’s (Led by Icy Hot) – 14 IC

Freddie Mercuries (Led by Tin Cup) – 15 IC

Flutter Kicks (Led by Stink Bait) – 15 IC

Row Boats (Led by Tug Boat) – 14 IC

American Hammers Rancid Style, everyone does 2 – 12 IC


Stink Bait VQ tomorrow at the Woodshed

3 Year Anniversary Convergence at the Pit on Saturday, 4/24, 6-8am. Bring canned goods.

Prayers for: Tug Boat’s father-in-law, John. His friend who is undergoing a risky surgery today. 

Stink Bait’s brother, Adam.


I have an issue with saying “no.” Sometimes it is because I want to please others, but sometimes it is also because I want to help others out. By doing this I essentially ignore the consequences those same decisions have on myself. What I am learning and I want to share with you all this morning is that it is okay to say “No.” Sometimes saying “no” benefits not only you, but also the person asking. 

Just because it is easier to say yes doesn’t mean we always should. It’s best to pause and assess the situation before jumping in. Sometimes, by saying yes it may affect your family time, put undue stress on yourself and in turn your family. If you are spread thin and you have another thing you have said yes to is that other project or person getting your best. Be aware of your situations and what is best for you. Saying no if something doesn’t fit your schedule or your beliefs is okay. 

Aye! Icy Hot

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