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Q: Boiling Point

PAX gathered at the shovel flag just outside the Battlefield. Little did they know this was Boiling Point’s first official Q. 

Boiling Point welcomed the PAX, no FNGs but had a special guest from NW Iowa – Red Baron, welcome! 

F3 = Fitness-Fellowship-Faith, proceeded to share the mission statement, followed by the Disclaimer, where BP got caught up explaining having “non-exicon” sets in the beatdown that he almost forgot to mention the 5 Core Principles.


Mosey from shovel flag to the first goal line on the battlefield. BP Announced his experience coaching soccer – 3-5yr olds to 14yr olds. Shared how he begins every practice with a positive, encouraging warm-up for the kids; whether they realize it or not.

·        Huggers – 6 IC (Love-Your-Self)

·        Foundations – 6 IC (imagine a soccer ball at your feet moving like a clock)

·        Toe Taps – 6 IC (imagine a soccer ball at your feet, touch the top of the ball with each foot)

·        “I’M A STAR!” – 6 IC (Starting position is a squat to the ground, on “up” PAX jump with feet & arms out like a STAR & shout “I’M A STAR!”) BP was wishing he had gotten this on video! The PAX did not disappoint 🙂


Remain on the goal line for more soccer style warm up with a little F3 flair.

·        2 Burpees + High Knees to 12yd + 2 Burpees + mosey back to goal line = 2x

·        3 Jump Tucks + Butt Kicks to 12yd + 3 Jump Tucks + mosey back to goal line = 2x

·        4 Bobby Hurley’s + Skip Jumps to 12yd + 4 Bobby Hurley’s + mosey back to goal line = 2x

 *There was silence mixed with heavy breathing, one PAX mentioned he could never keep up with a 5yr old. Ha!

The Thang:

On the perimeter of the soccer field were 4 pain stations – Rep count or IC to finish the 4 exercises + bonus bear crawl or leg work before the mosey to the next station. Count off in 4s from the goal line then mosey to your station.

Station #1 – Chest

1.      Merkins – 12 count

2.      Werkins – 12 count

3.      Ranger Merkins – 12 count

4.      CORE: Heels to Heaven – 12 count 

*Bear Crawl 10yds, then Mosey to next station

Station #2 – Shoulders

1.      Sun Gods – Front x12 IC / Back x12 IC

2.      Squated Shoulder Press – 12 count

3.      Carolina Dry Docks – 12 count

4.      CORE: Hold Plank –  HIGH 12ct / LOW 12ct

*Squat Jumps forward 10yds, then Mosey to next station

Station #3 – Legs

1.      Hydraulic Squats – 12 IC      

2.      Monkey Humpers – 12 IC

3.      Lt. Dan’s – 12 IC

5.      CORE: Hip Thrusters – 12 count        

*Bear Crawl 10yds, then Mosey to next station

Station #4 – Combo

1.      Huffy “10 Speeds” –  12 IC  (Plank + Jack feet with Alternating Shoulder Taps)

2.      Groiners – 12 count

3.      Blades of Steel – 12 count

4.      CORE: Heel Touches – 12 IC

* Walking Lunges 10yds, then Mosey to next station

6MOMKeep it simple, plenty of core work throughout the beatdown

·        Sarpy Slammers – Rancid IC

COT: Name-O-Rama, No Prayer Requests, Announcements, COT, Prayer


  • Queen Service luncheon this Friday at Inner Rail from 11:30-1:00 to celebrate
  • F3Omaha’s 3-year convergence is Saturday, April 24th from 0600-0800 at Halleck Park in Papillion. No Oracle, No Canyon
  • GrowRuck St. Louis

Boiling Point’s COT message:

For my COT I wanted to talk about the origin of my F3 name. Many of you have heard the short version: at my first post I shared what I call my mantra = 212 Life – “at 211° water is hot but at 212° it starts to boil. This creates steam which then can be used to power a locomotive.”

But here is the long version: a little over 10 years ago a good buddy of mine came into my restaurant dressed sharp in a pinstripe suit proclaiming, “Bro, I am 2-12ing it today! I’m 2-12ing It!” I had no idea what that meant, so he shared this 212movie on YouTube (3min) with me and the concept of having a 212 mindset.

The idea is, that by giving that one degree of extra effort in your sport, your business, your life, whatever… it’s that extra effort that makes ALL the difference. It’s going from having water that simply  is hot, to something that can power a locomotive. (BP also mentioned the top athletes in various sports, the difference in 1st and 2nd is the smallest of margins. 2021 Mater’s: Matsuyama -10, Zalatoris -9)

So for me… I took that and ran with it. I’m not always perfect, not always 2-12ing it, but since coming up with that 212Life mantra, it’s helped me regain my focus when I’m in a rut.

Hopefully, you guys take a little of this for yourselves.

  • Today’s workout, if you noticed, had a little extra at the end of the four sets.
  • Maybe you post one extra day this week, or this month.
  • Give your M or your 2.0 one extra hug or kiss.
  • Make one extra sales call at work.
  • Or send an extra text to someone you haven’t seen in a while.

This is how I try to live that 212 life.

212 CORE Principles:

1.      Attitude

2.      Kindness

3.      Belief

4.      Focus

5.      Perseverance

212 Quote:

“Now you know.

This is your life,

You are responsible for the results.”

Thank you, guys, for coming out 💪

*Tonight Show took us out in prayer🙏


Boiling Point

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