Top Rope, 4/28, 58 degrees, scattered showers(the weather held out until coffee-teria, then let loose a hard and fast rain, perfect sailing weather),  QIC – Kill Switch

23 PAX including YHC: Mufasa, Gator, The Plague, Wide Right, Chucky, Blades of Glory, Roll Bar, Father Time, Keilbasa, Ketchup, Wait Time, Italian Job, Relish, Mother Goose, Tugboat, Moon Man, Griswald, Hard Hat, Speed Square, Doppler, Arm Bar, and welcome FNG Lifeline!!

Warm a rama

Parrot wings

Pirate goofballs

Rope shows

Ahab stabs (pretend you are stabbing a whale)

Landlubbers (pickle pushers)

Throw me a life savers (chinooks)

Pax took a lap down around the bermuda triangle and come back to the basketball courts

Pre-thang – duck walk the plank

Pax line up on one end of the parking lot and duck walk across, then plank to wait for the 6

6 gets in and goes into a plank then we do a 10 count in the plank.  Repeat 2 times

The thang

Time to prove yourselves worthy, seamen.

Pax were instructed to do all exercises, 13 reps each and rinse and repeat, rotating stations when the double bell sounded every 3 minutes. 

Station 1:

Captain’s wheels coupon lift and twist- 13

Treasure chest lifts ,(block thrusters)- 13

Block swings – 13

Station 2:

Jump the boom(bike racks) – 13

Canon balls (jump tucks) – 13

Swab the deck (bobby hurleys) – 13

Station 3

Drunken sailors (turkish get-ups) -13

Tempo Merkins- 13

Tempo squats – 13IC

Station 4

Sailor knots (sit throughs) 13 each side

Oh yeahs – 13 IC

Monkey jumpers – 13IC

Mary at 6:05

Big boys – 13

Cockroaches – 13

American hammers – rancid style



Cot: mutiny on the bounty

You might have noticed the nautical theme of the exercises here.  Today is the anniversary of the mutiny on the bounty.  On this date in 1789, Fletcher Christianson led a mutiny against his captain, William Bligh. 

The journey began 2 years prior, on a mission from England to transplant something called breadfruit trees from Tahiti back to the west indies.

The trip there went well, but after they loaded up the breadfruit trees and a handful of slaves, quarters were much tighter, and the micro-management of captain bligh, was not received as well now.  The mutineers abandoned captain bligh and 18 of his men that stood by him on a lifeboat.

The mutineers ended up abandoning their mission to live off the land and locals in tahiti.

Captain bligh, his 18 men, and their new life boat then sailed 3600 miles to get back to the west indies.  The only way they could have pulled together to get this accomplished would have been through good management and leading the men by focusing on the problems they faced, rather than the method the men took to get the job done.  I can only imagine the ire of the combined group against a common enemy would have helped the team direction.

The group of men would continue to make it back to the west indies, gather a posse, and head back out to bring the mutineers to justice.  All of the mutineers either died or got captured by bligh and put to justice. 

The lesson to be learned from this story, besides “don’t mess with captain bligh” is that you can lead groups to accomplish seemingly impossible goals as long as you establish a clear direction and trust the people you’re leading to make the right decisions. 

Sea Shanty Playlist

Terrible Pirate Jokes below:

A pirate walked up to a bartender with a parrot on his shoulder, a hook for a hand, and a steering wheel hung off his belt buckle.  The bartender says, “hey I get the parrot and the hook, but what’s with the steering wheel”. The pirate then said “Arr, it’s drivin me nuts!”

What’s a pirates favorite letter?  You’d think it’d be R!, but a pirate’s heart is at home in the “C”

How much does a pirate pay for corn?  A buck-an-ear

Please keep in your prayers one of Armbar’s students, Jack and his family for this hard time


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