April 27th 2021 / AO The Colosseum / 62 Degrees 8 knot winds

Q – Doppler

29 PAX: Stella, U-Haul, Tug-boat, Clorox, Sven, Trademark, Bloodshot, Stink bait, Beta-max, Baskin, Vintage, Biff, Black Flag, Z-Bo, Pablo, Abacus, Samples, Sportiva, Merch, Squidward, Selleck, Chicklets, Ice-T, Spacebar, Swinger, Jeeves, Super tasty, Othello, Doppler.

Just before I went to bed and set my alarm for the morning I got a text from Wait Time encouraging myself and the other Tuesday Q’s to bring the pain. I went to sleep and dreamt of Merkins. A few minutes after my alarm sounded I walked outside and found the weather was full on Goldilocks, not to hot, not too cold, it was juuuust right for a beat-down. As I pulled onto Pacific and saw the lights from the field shining in the distance my excitement began to grow. It was my first time Q’ing at the Colosseum, and I was excited to take the field. As I placed some cones across the field I heard Othello shout out my name as he was finishing his pre-run. It felt great knowing he was there, he always brings a great energy to the morning gloom. Today would be no exception.


I welcomed everyone on this beautiful morning and quickly worked my way through the core principles, mission statement, and reminded everyone I was not a professional. No FNGs were present, but the PAX seemed especially excited to see Clorox and Squidrward around the circle in the gloom.


Short Mosey to the near end of the track, as we circled up I looked around realized we had a rather large PAX which was encouraging to see. With that I knew I needed to bring the heat, so we jumped right in.

15 Goof-Balls

20 Chinooks

15 Moroccan Night Clubs

10 Big Ones


400 Meter 2 man grinder.

Partner 1 assumes the plank position. Partner 2 runs a 400 meter lap. Switch.

I was back and forth on each person doing 2 laps, but decided I wanted to use that time to get through the entire Thang which could be tight on time. After each pairing completed their grinder we jumped right into the Thang

The Thang:

We all stayed in our pairings and made our way to the near end zone. I explained that I had placed cones every ten yards with an exercise listed on each one. Partner 1 would run to the cone complete the exercise then run back to the end zone to switch out with partner 2 who would run to the same cone and complete the exercise. They would work their way down the field in this fashion until they reached the far end zone.

The partner not running completed the following exercises in the near end zone until their partner returned.

10 Merkins, 10 Big Boys, 10 Squats (Rinse and repeat until tagged out by partner)

Exercises at each cone

10 yard line: Burpees x 10

20 yard line: Mt Climber IC x 20

30 yard line: Merkins x 30

40 yard line: Jump Squats x 40

50 yard line: SSH IC x 50

40 yard line: Monkey Humpers IC x 40

30 yard line: Diamond Merkins x 30

20 yard line: Plank Jacks: x 20

10 yard line: Burpees x 10

Goal line: Navy Seal Burpees x 7

The work out was challenging but also really fun. There was lots of cheering each other on as certain PAX especially Beta-max flew across the field. Jeeves consistently was giving shout outs to anyone in earshot. Overall it was great hearing everyone support and push each other. Some of the PAX were a little scared that once they got to the opposing 40 yard line they would be doing 60 reps of another hellish exercise, but were pleasantly surprised to see the numbers start working their way back down.

As we crossed the 50 I started seeing some pretty nice modifications. A few PAX might have been afraid to see what was coming next and started running backwards. Other threw in some Karaoke style modes of transportation. It can also be confirmed, that one PAX ran so fast his shirt fell off.

As we approached the end of our time I decided to cut the planned session of Mary. Instead I instructed all pairings to finish their last leg by going all the way to the end zone, so they could do my favorite exercise the Navy Seal Burpee.

Announcements/Prayer Requests

The last 2 times I Q’ed I had forgot to ask for announcements and prayers, so I was pretty excited that I remembered this time!

Launch of the Farm on Friday and Dragon’s Lair on Saturday


Last week was a really big and great week for me. On Monday I finally was able to reach a resolution on my custody battle, and was awarded equal time and a set schedule with my sons. It was a battle I have fought, for over a year and a half. It felt great to finally have closure and a clear path for the future for myself and my boys. Over the weekend both my boys’ baseball games ended with my kids coming to bat in the last inning, 2 outs, down by 1 or tied, both of them had walk off hits! As a Dad who spends an ungodly amount of time pitching to his kids in the backyard or batting cages, it felt great to see all their hard-work pay off in a big moment for them. After the second game on Saturday, I went home and just sat outside in the sun and allowed myself to be in the moment. I really wanted to allow myself to feel both the joy and gratitude that overwhelmed me.

When I look around the circle every morning I see faces of men who have supported me through this process. They have reached out to me numerous times offering words of support and encouragement. They have held me accountable on pre runs and at beat downs. Having F3 has been such a great place for me to find support from so many amazing men. I am so thankful for what they give to me. Not just every morning in the gloom, but at coffeeteria. I love sitting down next to a man I just met in the gloom that we can skip small talk and have real conversations. It is something I had been hungry for longer than I probably am even aware. F3 and the men who surround me give me that, and I am thankful for it.

I ended with a quote from Voltaire

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.”

This is so true of F3. I appreciate the amazing men that surround and support me. They give me strength, wisdom, passion, focus, and calm.

I appreciate you all so much. You all exude excellence, I and everyone in this circle is better for it.



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