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Pax: 17 – Sticky Bandit, Rooster, E85, FNG Surf & Turf!, Othello, Port-A-John, Spreadsheet, Demogorgon, Davinci, Side Dish, Cyclone, Bovine, Stitches, Dome, Touche, TC  

Q: Polaroid 

Big day for F3 Omaha as we launch our sixth Thursday AO!  The busiest day of the week. Expansion is upon us and I was excited to lead at the OG Thursday AO, Futurama.  I choose to call back upon one of my first postings format and reinvent a No Doze Q. Wednesday was the official 3 year anniversary of F3 Omaha so Polaroid elected to format the beatdown around 1095 – the total number of days F3 has been offered in Omaha.  A quick lap around Memorial so to ensure everything was set up, Polaroid returned to the shovel flags around 5:25 to be greeted by the PAX.  Mission Statement and Core Principles given, welcome to our FNG Colin – Surf N Turf

Warm O’ Rama

Quick Mosey and return to shovel flags

10IC Big One

10IC Windmills

10IC Wheat Pickers

10 Merkins

10 IC Peter Parkers


PAX split into two groups.  Othello would lead one group with YHC taking the lead on the other.  A total of 10 stops greeted the PAX, covering roughly 3600 feet around Memorial Park.  Pax would complete 100 reps at each stop, upon completion by group they would advance 365’ to the next stop and complete the listed exercise.  The push for the group would be when the first PAX member would get to 100 total reps, that would advance the group.

This format intentionally created silence amongst the groups.  Mumblechatter was limited, this was on purpose.  Silence can be a lonely place, often times hard to break away from, entirely counter to some of F3’s core structure. The two groups set off on opposite directions and we were underway

100 Reps of exercises as follows for 1000 total reps:


Reverse Lunge



Mtn. Climbers IC

Monkey Humpers IC

Cherry Pickers IC

Air Squats

Heel Touches IC


Omaha was called at 6:01 AM to bring the two groups back together.  At this point 1000 reps had been completed.

Polaorid then explained the format of the beat down.  365’ between each stop to signify a year and 1000 total group reps completed up until this point.  We were still 95 short of 3 years.  At this point various PAX stepped up and rotated counting off 10 burpees a piece.  60 total burpees were completed before adjusting due to time and completing 35 American Hammer’s to hit our goal of 1095 – 3 great years of F3 Omaha. 


Silence can be a lonely place, the mind can race, actions questioned, and steer one down a path they don’t want to go.  While today’s workout was designed to lead one to reflect – the format also intentionally lent itself to minimal mumble chatter.  Personally F3 has offered a platform to share what is on your heart, what is on your mind.  F3 encourages us all to have those conversations that often time can be challenging but in the end are always so worth it.  This can be with fellow PAX but more importantly with your family – M’s, 2.0’s and others in your circle of influence. Embrace what F3 offers and accelerate with your brothers around you.  Don’t drown in the silence, in your silence reflect but always look with eager enthusiasm to where you are headed!

Closed in prayer – Polaroid

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