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PAX (23): The Curse, Nailed It, Chip and Dale, Saul, Folsom, Chucky, Panty Hose, Black Jack, Roadhouse, Big One, Room Service, Waterboy, Retweet, Armbrah, Bubbles, Smashmouth, Birdman, Skipper, Toadstool, FNG (Granite), Mother Goose, Wentworth, Sparty

Pre-Runners: Panty Hose, Chucky, The Curse, Armbrah, Saul, Smashmouth, Chip and Dale, Roadhouse

Pre-Mosey’ers: Birdman & Sparty

Sparty woke up with an extra pep in his step this morning as he was extremely excited to be the Q at Tri-Faith this morning. He was well aware of the campus and had done his homework, so he knew he needed a lot of time to set up. As he pulled into the campus at 5am sharp, he immediately went south to place a couple cones for the last Thang before driving around to find the best and easiest way to access Abraham’s Bridge by foot. As he took a slow mosey down the path, he was filled with anxiety as he now knew that his 3 station beatdown had to be modified. The Bridge is much longer than he remembered (insert palm to face). As Sparty then made his way to the shovel flags to plant The Hardest Working Flag, he ran into (figuratively, not with his car) the one and only Birdman. He wanted to share some space with Sparty so as YHC needed to do one last recon assignment, the 2 took off on a short mosey, then returned to a solid number of HIM. And it was 5:30am.

Sparty welcomed the PAX to Trident with a well executed F3 greeting going through what F3 stands for, the mission statement, 5 core principles, and a disclaimer to the group and specifically to the FNG. It was time to get the men moving so Sparty led the PAX on a mosey. There was a plethora of mumblechatter this beautiful morning which always delights YHC. Everyone made their way to the parking garage that many of the men didn’t know existed. Sparty let them know immediately, “I don’t like traditional warm-a-ramas, so find a spot on the wall,” and he proceeded with a Tabata-warma-a-rama!

Tabata – 20 seconds of exercise, 10 seconds of rest:

  • Wall sit
  • Chicken Peckers
  • Wall sit
  • Australian Mountain Climbers
  • Hand-release merkins
  • Alternating Ankle Touches
  • Hand-release merkins
  • Mountain climbers
  • Copperhead Squat
  • Big Ones
  • Copperhead Squat
  • Small Ones

Sparty then picked up his phone and took off on another mosey leading the men down to Abraham Bridge. It was a decently long mosey and the mumblechatter continued to pour out of the men. As the PAX reached their destination, Sparty had them circle up and count into 3 groups. Each group had a station with a lantern and a list of exercises. The audible that had to be called had to do with the last exercise on each list that had the men either Bear Crawling, Lunging, or Crawl Bearing from one station to the next. What YHC didn’t account for is that the distance between each station was roughly 130 yards. So these exercises were now going to be 20 yards, then mosey the rest of the way. Each of the 3 stations were set up in front of each of the worshipping sites and the exercises were supposed to be an attempt at how those particular religions traditionally pray. Here was YHC best take at it:

  • Mosque
    • Merkins – 20 on down
    • AST – 20 IC
    • Mountain Climbers – 20 IC
    • Bear Crawl to next Cone
  • Church
    • Hydrolic Squats – 10 IC
    • Bonnie Blairs – 20 IC
    • Burpees – 15 C
    • Lunge to next Cone
  • Temple
    • Squats – 20 C
    • Jump Tucks – 20 on up
    • Squat Jumps – 20 on down
    • Crawl Bear to next Cone

After one full time around, Sparty knew time was of the essence and wanted to get to the last spot for more cardio and exercises. He then led the men to the southern most road on campus and explained that there was a cone at each end of the street. Everyone needed to partner up and run together to one cone, complete all the exercises, then run to the other cone and complete those exercises.

  • West Cone
    • Werkins 20
    • Carolina Dry Docks 20
    • Ranger Merkins 20
  • East Cone
    • Flutter Kicks 20 IC
    • Big Boy sit ups 20
    • American Hammers 20 IC

After one full round from everyone, Sparty called Omaha due to the fact that they had 12 minutes remaining and all of the men needed to mosey back to the flags on the other side of campus. Again, great mumblechatter was had by most. As YHC arrived at the flags with the 6, he was pleased to find the PAX holding a plank while waiting rather than twirling their thumbs. Bubbles politely asked if we were doing “Mary” and when Sparty responded “no,” he was confused by Bubbles non-verbal reaction. Was he disappointed, or happily satisfied? Honestly couldn’t tell. We then did a quick count-off and NOR.

Name-o-rama: The Curse and Sparty failed on colliding fists, Folsom forgot to take his shirt off (but was quickly removed after the video), Black Jack was caught off guard and fumbled, Sparty benefited from getting an ArmBrah despite no Tater in attendance today, we have no idea how old the FNG was, and Sparty still struggles to show emotion.

FNG: This started off hot, went south way too quickly, ended bad, but then Sparty restored order. While great names were being shared as the FNG shared that he is from New Hampshire, likes Star Wars, and went to college at Oral Roberts, Sparty was completely flustered with being over time and thinking about his COT. He heard Oral repeated from the PAX a few times with some laughs and excitement and went with it. “Oral! Welcome!” Oral (for the time being) looked at Sparty like, “Are you shitting me? Do you know what this means?” Sparty was honestly half conscious at this point and didn’t even realize what he had just done.

Announcements: Expansion Week continues this week with The Farm launching on Friday in Springfield, and The Dragon’s Lair out in Gretna on Saturday.

The Brick Builder was shared by Big One and Bubbles as they briefly tried to give as much info as possible on this event in a short amount of time. Sparty appreciates you both!

COT: (Switching back to 1st person) Being as we on such important land with so much Faith surrounding us, I wanted to take a moment and talk a little bit about my Faith. The truth is, without our Faith component, we are just another workout group. I was born and raised Catholic and in a very traditional Church with traditional parents. It wasn’t until I got older that I started to learn that there were other ways to Worship in your faith and what they may entail. Since high school, I’ve always been very intrigued by learning from other denominations and religions. This feeling was heightened this year with all that has been going on in the world and listening to some of the Homilies that the Priests have been sharing. They are typically pretty stale, in my humble opinion, and some of them touch on some controversial topics that were really mishandled by my parish. This disappointment I had caused me to start searching for other avenues or alternatives and I landed on Bridge Church, which is down on Abide’s campus.

This last Sunday, Pastor Derrick shared a great Sermon that really spoke to me and resonated with me. He spoke about Prayer, the importance of it and how to Pray. Prayer doesn’t have to be getting down on your knees and reciting the words our Church has taught for a couple centuries. Prayer is simply you having a conversation with God and this can be done in a variety of ways. The two ways that I most enjoy praying is 1. I like going for long runs by myself on the weekends and I’ll run for 1-2 hours and it’s my own private time I spend with God. The 2nd comes from Plague as he shared with me an app about a year ago, Churchome, and I set my daily meditational Prayer for 6:30am every morning and I listen to it after coffeeteria as I drive home. I get a lot of Prayer and the strength I’ve received from my relationship with God has Impacted everything happening in my life. If you are struggling with Prayer, use this simple acronym, P.R.A.Y:

  • Praise – Give praise to God
  • Repent – Ask God for forgiveness
  • Ask – be open and share with God what it is you want – for me a lot of times its patience, strength, and understanding
  • Yield – Don’t just keep moving on in your life, take time to slow down and stop and accept God in.

As you leave today, I want to encourage you to do 2 things: 1. Find your own special way to Pray and spend time with God, and make it a priority in your life. 2. Keep exploring your Faith. I’m not suggesting you convert to something new, but don’t cling on to what you’ve always been taught or know. Search for what else is out there as there be something else calling to you that can help.

Prayer: YHC took the PAX out in a Prayer

FNG update – as soon as Sparty completed Prayer, his mind came clear and he realized the mistake he made with naming the FNG. So the decision was quick and decisive to change it from Oral to Granite. Welcome brother! Hope we see you around a lot.



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