AO: Wild Kingdom

Weather: 32 degrees and partly cloudy

PAX: (13) Barn Door, Thomas, Tonight Show, Hawg, Dino, Sea Biscuit, Patchy Adams, Lil Red, Delilah, Moon Man, Mufasa, Short Sale

Stated the mission statement of F3, asked about FNG’s and went over the 5 core principles.

Warmarama: Tappy Taps 10 ICCherry Pickers 10 ICJack Planks 15 ICSeal Claps 10 ICSSH 25 IC (11 out loud and 10 silent) a few PAX decided that 10 in silence wasn’t enough so we decided to knock out 8 burpees before starting the Pre-Thang.

The Pre-Thang: Chicken Peckers AMRAP4 sets while alternating between:Dips 20Derkins 20Q Note: I had originally intended to complete three sets of these but quickly changed my mind when the shoulders started to burn!

The Thang: I stress “freed to lead” to the PAX are let them know they were allowed to go at their own will to which ever station they choose, the workout can be done in any order and repeated once they return to home base and complete 7 burpees. I encouraged them to workout with different guys throughout the beatdown.

Station 1: Monkey Humpers 40 ICFlutter Kicks 50 ICMoroccan Night Club 25

Station 2:Carolina Dry-docks 40Freddy Mercury 30 ICLunges 30 Each Leg

Station 3:Air Squats 40Heals to Heaven 30 ICBulgarian Split Squats 35 Each Leg

Station 4:Diamond Merkins 30Pickle Pushers 35Werkins 35

Station 5:Bobby Hurley’s 40Raise The Roof 100Alt. Shoulder Taps 40 IC

Station 6:Imperial Walker 20 ICSide Straddle Hops 30 ICLBC 50 IC


Quick reminder about the convergence on Saturday.Prayers: Quick prayer for all those dealing with COVID and those suffering in silence.

COT: We discussed the importance of strong leadership and we used Earnest Shackleton as a prime example of what true leaders do to lead by example. Ernest Shackleton was attempting to reach the south pole in 1914. Ship got stuck in the ice and slowly got pinched over 10 months and slowly pushing farther away from their initial point before finally breaking under the pressure and sinking beneath the ice. Crew of 27 was told to stay calm and prepare to winter in the arctic, never losing optimism. They tried to walk their way out but only got 7 miles in 7 days so they had to just wait and “calm their souls” on an ice floe. Finally they got far enough north that the floe began to melt and forced they to abandon and get back in the boats. On the open water they again faced frigid water and ice that battered the boats. 6 days at sea later they landed on Elephant Island where they were marooned. It was their first time on dry land in 497 days but their ordeal was far from over. After 9 days a party of 6 left Elephant Island for another whaling station 800 miles away. 16 days later they reached the island but the wind and waves had pushed them so far off course that they had to walk across the island. They had to climb over mountains and slide down glaciers with only 50 feet of rope and nails hammered into the bottom of their shoes for grip. Finally after a total of 625 days and three attempts to get back to Elephant Island Shackleton finally reached the crew. 20 months after the trip started every single crew member was alive and safe.

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Wild Kingdom

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