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April 23, 2021

47 and clear

Q: Stella

PAX: Touche, Wide Right, Selleck, Polaroid, Huffy, Swinger, Drone Strike, Folsom, Brazillian, Done, Bloodshot, Stella.  

5:30:   YHC welcomed PAX.  Core principles reviewed and disclaimer given. We took a mosey to the stage for Warm-A-Rama.  Folsom rolled in hot and joined us on the stage.


SSH, Tappy Taps, Wind Mills, Big Ones, Dirty Dog and Goof Balls.   

Pre-Thang:  We then went to the base of the hill nearby the stage.  Bear crawled up 3x and did burpees, merkins and squats at the bottom. We then took a mosey to the playground, aka, purgatory. 

The Thang:  Today’s theme was coupon hell.  Cones placed appx 35 yards out in the grass for the Coupon Hell Station.  We split into groups of 3 PAX.  We started out at playground.  Riffle Carry to spot marked for the Coupon Hell.  Complete list of exercises together with group.  Murder Bunny back to playground to drop off coupon.   Run around track with group and do exercises listed at the Obelisk.   Run track to playground.  Repeat until Omaha.  Although the beatdown was SAVAGE – next time, I would shorten the run to a 75 or 100 yard sprint to get me REPS of Coupon Hell in!  

Coupon Hell

5 Blockees

10 Thrusters

15 Kettle Bell Swing

20 Vertical Chest Press w/Coupon

25 Decline Merkins

The Obelisk

30 Count Wall Sit

30 IC – Mountain Climbers

30 -Bobby Hurley’s

30 – Crab Walk Touches (each foot = 1)

Omaha called at 6:06 AM.  Pax regrouped at the playground for 6 Minutes of Mary.  Actually, we did not go for the whole 6 minutes (insert TWSS joke here…).  We then did the following for Mary:  LBCs, Low Dolly, Box Cutter, Big Boy American Hammer.

Mumblechatter was medium today.  Some grumbles about the coupon hell station.  YHC had an awesome playlist and overheard PAX saying the music selection was terrible. Wide Right rolled in jamming out in his pickup truck today.  Folsom also rolled in hot a 1-2 minutes late.  There were a few good jokes, that shall will be omitted from the official back blast.

COT today was about reaching out and being “friendly”.  Today is 1 day shy of YHC’s 2-year F3 Anniversary.  The glue that kept me coming back was the fellowship and meeting so many incredible PAX, who are now close friends.  Thanks to Brazillian for the EH on SafeRide, who then EH’d me.  I called Brazillan F3 Grandpa during the COT and things got awkward.  Before F3, I went to the gym across the street for 5-6 years and talked to maybe 3 people.  At F3, we are all open and friendly, I would challenge everyone to due the same during the week.    



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