45 Degrees, cloudy with fresh rain on the ground and a slight breeze


PAX: 20 – Z-bo, Vandelay (Respect), TC (Respect), Kielbasa, Saul, Mother Goose, Tugboat, Room Service, The Big One, Golden Pike, Ice T, Skipper, Patton (Respect), Cheap Seats, Rollbar, Spacebar, Tuner, Waterboy, Wentworth, Black Flag

Was alerted to possible complications with the field the night before.  Arrived early to assess the situation – field & track closed for maintenance!  No worries, there’s a GREAT battleground on the other side of the field.  YHC would gladly lead the PAX on a little mosey to stay off the concrete – their hands will be thankful in about an hour.

5:30 – greeted the PAX as Q for the first time, struggled through the spiel, but we eventually got there.

Three F’s

  • Mission statement – to plant, grow, and serve small men’s workout groups for the reinvigoration of male community leadership
  • Core principles (where I briefly got lost) – Free, open to all men, always held outdoors, lead in a rotating fashion, ends in a CoT!
  • Disclaimer – contrary to my incredible physique, not a professional – modify as needed

Led the PAX on a mosey around the stadium to the shotput/practice fields by the Frontage Rd/Dodge.  Black Flag quickly reminded me about FNGs so we did a quick check – none today.


  • Tappy Taps (15 IC)
  • Big Ones (slow, 12 IC)
  • High Knees (15 IC)
  • Cherry Pickers (15 IC)
  • Butt Kickers (15 IC)

PAX lined up on an imaginary goal line (since the field was closed), where they Bear Crawled approx. 50yds, stopping every 10yds to complete 4 Burpees. Once they completed the 50yds and 20 Burpees, PAX sprinted back to the imaginary goal line and planked to 6.  PAX were then instructed to repeat the process, except using Crawl Bears and Groiners.

The Thang
YHC had the PAX count off by 4s (a total of 5 to a group). YHC explained the Thang as 4 stations.  Station 1 (0yds) was chest/shoulder/arms.  Station 2 (25yds) was legs.  Station 3 (50yds) was core.  Station 4 (40yds) was a moving exercise push that moved from 40yds back to Station 1 at the goal.  Exercises at each station were AMRAP until pushed, one exercise per turn.

  Station 2   Moving Merkins (IC – two to left, two to right) Alternating Shoulder Taps (IC) Carolina Dry Docks Arm Pulses/Flappers (IC) Tempo Merkins (IC)  Station 2 Copperhead Squats (IC) Bonnie Blairs (IC) Air Squats Monkey Humpers (IC) Sumo Squats  
Station 3 Gas Pumpers (IC) Big Boys Frozen Freddies (IC) Dying Cockroaches (IC) Plank Jacks  Station 4 (Moving Push) Squat Jumps Bear Crawls Duck Walk Bernie Sanders Super Mario Jumps  

OMAHA was called at 6:05, and the PAX circled back up for a final round of pain – the 10 count Makhtar circle of death!  Starting with one member of the PAX (Vandelay), we went around the circle with each counting down from 10, alternating plank and chill cuts.  Some of the last PAX members tried to end the pain with a speedy 10-count, but YHC promptly punished them with a final, slooow count.


Saul and Vandelay reminded PAX about the upcoming Convergence (following morning). Big One talked about the CSAUP on June 12 to raise money for a scholarship the F3 Omaha Foundation is supporting (reach out to Sparty for more info or if you or your business wants to be a sponsor). Rollbar – July 16 is GrowRuck. Right now, Rollbar is the only one attending.  Get signed up, men!!

Prayer Requests

Double Dare getting married tomorrow!!  CONGRATS to Double Dare and his Future M!

A few weeks ago at church, the pastors were talking about “Formation” and what it means to the individuals and the church. One of the pastors offered up a great analogy that YHC stole for this CoT.  Lobsters.  In order for a lobster to grow, it must first go through a process called ‘molting’ where it sheds its exoskeleton (that hard, protective layer) and regenerates any injuries and its new shell.  When a lobster sheds its exoskeleton, it can grow up to 20%, but during that time it is vulnerable – unprotected.  It is extremely important that a lobster go through this molting in a safe, protected environment, so it retreats back into its borough with its lobster buddies to complete the process of growth and strengthening.  This analogy reminded YHC a lot of F3, and he explained that the HIM of F3 have been given an incredibly unique opportunity that many other men don’t have.  Not many men have a consistent support team that they constantly push through the muck and mire with.  PAX were encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity and become vulnerable with their PAX brothers – to talk about their struggles and pull back the strong façade. To be accountable to other men, and through this process grow as men, as husbands, as fathers, as members of the community.  Be a lobster!

Offered up a prayer of thanksgiving to be out enjoying God’s creation. Prayed for Double Dare’s wedding, and asked for strength to be vulnerable, and thereby grow, with other men. AMEN!

Aye! And SYITG!
 ~ Z-bo

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

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