Light Rain In SarpyCo.
The PrePreRun /10k
5:00am. Zorro & Firewalker. The PreRun 1st& 2nd F w/ Z is no joke. Quality HIM!
PreRun / 5k
5:30am. Zorro, Firewalker, EarTag, Rooney, Feeney, Swiper, Schrute, GirlDad, Gunner, …. it was a really good group! Apologies for anyone I may have missed!
Pax in Attendance
BabyShark, Feeney, Swiper, Marc, DoubleDip, Schrute, Rooney, GirlDad, KOA, EarTag, SqueakyClean, Bombay, Gunner, Gipper, and YHC – Firewalker!
I, Firewalker welcomed the pax to F3. I decided to change things up (in my mind) letting everyone know I was certainly not a professional and asking if there were any FNGs…. there were none! I covered the 5 key principles, reminded the pax of the mission of F3 and informed them that for the next 58min, I was not their friend. We could maybe be friends later. This was going to be great!
We mosey’d to an area down the way that to my knowledge had never yet been used and began Warm-a-rama with…
20 Hillbillies in cadence
15 TatorTaps in cadence
15 AirPresses on up
15 SealJacks in cadence
Round of Failure to Launch. Each pax counted down from 10 (except DoubleDip-he counted up) while the pax held Al Gore for 10 seconds then did a jump tuck. We complete 15 reps of exercise.
Greatness was happening!
Next we mosey’d to the church parking lot for the Big Bang. Pax plank’d while YHC gave instructions. On my “Bang”, pax will run instructed number of steps out and complete same number of reps. The circle would be like an exploding star. Once the group was back, there was a 10 second count before the next great Big Bang! The tension was great.
10 steps / 10 Burpees
15 steps / 15 Apollo Ohio’s IC
20 steps / 20 Oh Yeah’s/Bobby Hurley
20 steps / 25 Air Presses IC
We would rinse and repeat a second time. It was not lost upon the pax or YHC that we were doing Oh Yeah’s in a church parking lot so I decided the second round the Oh Yeah’s would be replaced with our good friend and frequent friend of the party, Bobby Hurley.
ContinuedGreatness #ThemNotMe
We mosey’d to the Papillion Middle School parking lot where the pax counted off into 4 groups. Group #1 would perform the three exercises on the sheet and was our Push Group. Groups 2-4 would perform the exercise on the sheet AMRAP until pushed. The pax would run backwards between beatdown stations. Welcome to the Ring of Fire! Greatness was about to happen!!
Station 1: Push Group
15 JumpSquats
15 JumpTucks
15 Bobby Hurley’s
Station 2: AMRAP
Hand Release Merkins
Diamond Merkins
Carolina Dry Docks
Station 3: AMRAP
Monkey Humpers
Low, Deep Squats
Bonnie Blairs
Station 4: AMRAP
Freddy Murcury’s
American Hammers’s
OMAHA was eventually called, but not before KOA suggested Firewalker yell……..Oh….MyGosh…..This is awful! And Great at the same time!
Firewalker’s Highlights of the beatdown (FHOTB (dubs on trademark)) included Schrute’s response to hearing HR Merkins were on the menu, KOA and I giggling like school children because the stations were too far apart and downright awful, AMRAP bordering painful, and a complement from Gipper that he “loves” running 2 miles at a time! I tried some new things from the Exicon (Failure to Launch & BigBang). #NearFlawlessExecution
We mosey’d back to the shovel flags, arriving precisely on time and our time of agony and misery was over. No time for Mary. AMRAP during the beatdown was sufficient.
BabyShark, Feeney, Swiper, Marc, DoubleDip, Schrute, Rooney, GirlDad, KOA, EarTag, SqueakyClean, Bombay, Gunner, Gipper, and YHC – Firewalker!
Convergence for 3yr Anniversary. Look for more info this week. Heads up to bring canned goods! Shooting for over 800 items!
12-in-21 – MoPac Edition coming
KOA asked for presets for friends family who lost family member this week
Swiper asked that we’d keep colleague who had surgery in prayer this week.
“Remember why you started”. FW shared the story of his beginnings in F3, about why he came and keeps coming back. It had a lot to do with my EH by TonightShow and an unexpected encounter in the BlackHills from a pax member from Denver (gosh, I wished I’d asked his name!). So, what’s your why? WaitTime asked me during a lunch? Why F3? I’m finding it is helping me to be a better man, a better co-worker, a better leader, a better dad and a better spouse to my M. Not perfect, but better. “Remember why you started”

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