30 Degrees without a breath of wind


PAX: 13- Armbar, Birdman. Khakis (Respect), Big John…Daly (Welcome), Skipper, Pick 6, Chucky, Hawg, 2 x 4, Theraband, Range Ball, Bubbles, Pantyhose

I got to the site around 5:05 to set up the enormous amount a stuff I always seem to be brining to my Q. The Berm is much darker than I remember. Luckily Hawg was there to help out. Everyone is better with a man to help.

5:30 PAX is greeted and the essentials are given

1. Free

2. Open to all men

3. Always held outdoors

4. Lead in a rotating fashion

5. End in a CoT

Mission statement is skipped (didn’t realize that until later) but the disclaimer is stated. Make sure to modify when necessary and if you don’t know how to do that please ask.

We mosey to the back parking lot for



Sun Gods 10 f/b IC

Cherry Pickers 10 IC

Chanooks 10 IC

Big Ones in a slow cadence 10

Tappy Taps 10 IC

STIENHL. What a stupid yet beautiful thing to do.

Mosey back to the shovel flags for the Thang

THE Thang

4 station Push group

1. Push-7 bear crawls up the Berm-Switched to 5 after the first group

2. Bounce-SSH, Goof balls AMRAP 2nd F style

3. Bench Work-Steps ups, Box Jumps

4. Weight-Assorted Kettle bells, coupon and Mace. Swings, Thruster

More was planned at each station but the push was long and movement was great so 1 rotation was complete

Omaha was called and the PAX mosey up to the top of the field for Tug-O-War

Split into 2 groups. And the game was on.

Game 1 was won by my team. Was a tough pull but we got them late

Game 2 won by Khakis team with a slow and steady pull

Game 3 won by my team in a hard fought battle

Celebration sit ups.

Any game we do with our wrestling team we use the statement winners celebrate and losers get stronger.

So a PAX of the losing team had to do 5 sit ups to a high five to a member of the winning team.

Back to the Flags for Mary

HOLY BUCKETS I forgot Mary. Oh well it was a great morning anyway.


Anniversary on Sat. Bring Canned goods. Khakis gave a great talk about the redwoods originals and thank them for the foundation that built.

12 for 21 on Sunday starting at black sheep coffee in Springfield


We are all having a Tug-o-War with something in our life. The key to the win of that battle is to keep applying force in the right direction. And you will lose ground and gain it but stay in that fight. And if you lose a round get back up grab that rope and start at it again.


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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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