April 20th 2021- THE LAUNCH l AO: The Trident l Sterling Ridge- Tri Faith Area

36 degrees, breezy, cold.

PAX- Tater tot, Wait Time, Lucky Charms, Black Flag, Doppler, Slick, NoDoze, Blue Suede, Skipper, Mother Goose, Cyclone, Kielbasa, Birdman, LPC, Chucky, Arm Bruh, Space Bar, Grillz, Vandelay, Panty Hose, Room Service, Honey Stinger, Retweet, Fudd, Patton, Othello, Folsom, Wentworth, Saul, Armadilla, Broadside, Cheap Seats, Sparty, Sister Act, Bubbles, Water Boy, the Big One, Convoy, Griswold, Hard Hat, Italian Job, Slow Pitch Khakis, Smashmouth, Plague, Tube Socks

Q: Roadhouse

I pulled into the parking lot at 4:30 AM… Was I early? Yes! Was I nervous? Yes! Could I sleep? No!

This was a big morning. It was the official launch of our new site, The Trident. Candidly, I was terrified. This felt big. When I arrived, I saw a familiar truck in the lot. It was Hard Hat. As I sat in my car mentally prepping, he came up and knocked on the window.

“Hey Roadhouse, I am going to pre-run before the pre-run, want to join me?” he asked. Of course, he was pre-running before the pre-run. Can we just take a moment to acknowledge what a beast Hard Hat is? The guy is an absolute stud and F3 Omaha is better because of him. I thanked him for the offer and said I was going to get ready for the beatdown. He nodded and took off for his run.

I paced the parking lot, going over the workout in my head, practicing my COT. I wanted this morning to be great, I wanted it to be special. I started to envision how I wanted the morning to go in my mind. And then the cars started pouring into the lot.

I was confused at first. It was ten minutes to 5 and there were 15- 20 cars in the lot. Guys were starting to mingle about and chat. Did I post the right time? We were starting at 5:30 right? What was everyone doing here? It turned out, 20 guys wanted to pre-run. Huh… That’s new.

We took off for the pre-run and tried out a new route. The mumble chatter already had a different energy to it. There was something in the air this morning…(as it turned out that something was Runza that Arm Bar had the night before)  As we arrived back at the shovel flags there was a good-sized group hanging out.

The group continued to grow as the clock got closer to the start time. When the clock hit 5:30 there were 47 of us. Holy Sh*t! I couldn’t believe it. What a turnout. I immediately felt nervous about the beatdown and the COT. Only one thing I could do now…

“Welcome to F3!” I said to the massive group of men. I rolled through the mission and the five core principles. I thanked everyone for this tremendous turnout and then… we moseyed.

We moseyed to the parking lot in the Northwest corner of area for warm-a-rama. We circled up. It was so cool to see the size of this circle. Wow!  


SSH’s SILENT  IC 25 IC + 5 Burpees… Thanks Broadside…

Big Ones 10 count each way

Imperial Walkers 15 IC

Sun Gods 10 each

Goofballs 15 IC

After warm-a-rama, the group moseyed to Abraham’s bridge. This is a circular bridge that connects a church, a synagogue and a mosque on this Tri-Faith campus. It is gorgeous and wildly meaningful (more about this campus in the COT). The group spread out along the bridge for a Sexy Pre-thang.

Sexy- Pre-Thang:

20 Pickle Pushers

15 Pickle Pointers

10 Oh Yeahs- each arm

15 Monkey Humpers

As we finished the pre-thang you could smell the invigoration of male community leadership. The group was feeling sexy! We moseyed to the far south side of the campus and looped around to the parking lot just east of the synagogue. It was time to grind.

I had the PAX count off into threes and we moved into a 3 man grinder. One man would be at station 1 doing exercised AMRAP. Another will be at station 2 doing more exercises AMRAP. The third will be running between the two.


2 stations: AMRAP

Station 1

Jump Squats


Mahktar Ndiayes

Smurph Jacks


Station 2:

Sumo Squats

Hand Release Merkins

Mountain Climbers

Bonnie Blairs


In turns out the Q got a little aggressive with the workout because after doing one exercise at each station, we were out of time. Usually, I feel like time goes slow while I am Q’ing but it was flying by today! I called Omaha and directed the group to head back to the shovel flags. It was time for Mary.

We circled up and did American Hammers “Rancid Style”. The number was 47! Unreal!

We knocked out a long name-a-rama and asked for announcements.


Convergence this Saturday at the Pit. Bring canned goods. More to come…

5K for a good cause. See Folsom for more info. More to come…

F3 Omaha Expansion is in full bloom. More to come…


Pray for Water Boy’s dad who just had heart surgery.

Prayer’s for Greek Freak’s brother who has Co-Vid and is in the hospital.

Prayer for Sparty’s little girl who is sick at home


First and foremost I want to just say thank you. It is truly humbling and special to see this group here today to support me and the expansion of F3Omaha. Big shoutout to Wait Time and Tater Tot and the Big One for believing in me enough to let me do this. I am so excited about this location and the opportunity to be a leader in this group. I have been inspired by each of you and how you lead and learn from you everyday.

One reason I really wanted to have this new site here is what this area means. The Tri-Faith Commons is the only place of its kind in the world. It brings together a synagogue, church, mosque, and interfaith center on 38-acres in the American heartland of Omaha, Nebraska.

This Tri-Faith campus is one that focuses on learning, collaboration, and celebration.

And for me this ties so closely to one of our five core principles; OPEN TO ALL MEN… We say it every morning, we hear those words at each beatdown. But I want you to reflect on what that means. OPEN TO ALL MEN.

This means we welcome everyone. Regardless of their religion, their race, their sexual orientation. In a world that feels divided more than it ever has, I want you to understand our role today, as leaders. It is up to us to unite the community. To not judge, To welcome. To focus more on what we have in common as my good friend Big One told us last week here.

And today, more than ever, this acceptance cannot be passive. It cannot be quiet. It has to be loud and intentional. Courageous and brave.  

We talk about being leaders here in Omaha and the world around us, leaders find a need and fill that need. This is out biggest need right now. Unity. Acceptance. Belonging and Love.

There is too much racism, too much anti-semitism, anti-muslim sentiment and especially anti-asian hate out there right now. It is us that has to say no to it, to speak out against it and to lead the charge in removing this hate.

We will work out here every Tuesday on this ground where 3 religions have found common ground and acceptance and it is not accident Because at F3, we ARE OPEN TO ALL MEN!

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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