The Danger Zone Backblast – April 21, 2021

15 PAX: Ear Tag, Feeney, Tony The Tiger, Baby Shark, Double Dip, Ferdinand, Rooney, Girl Dad, Levee, Belding, Echo, Haggis, Zorro, Gobbler, Squeaky Clean

Q: Lucky Charms

Promptly at 5:15 a.m., YHC welcomed 15 men to The Danger Zone. The disclaimer, mission statement, and core values were stated before checking for FNGs. Sadly, no new guys, but that meant that YHC could mention he isn’t a professional and, as Wait Time would say, he isn’t going to be their friend for the next 45 minutes. Any walking or slowing into a stop along the beatdown would result in Burpees. We had stuff to get done and we moved quickly.

PAX circled up. No warm-a-rama because I want to be like Khakis and get after it right away. We did a version of Danger Zone. PAX did SSH for the first half of the song, only stopping to do an air squat every time “Danger Zone” was said. Mid way through the song, we switched to a plank with a groiner on “Danger Zone”. After that 3:30, everyone was ready to stop doing Groiners and get onto The Thang.  

The Thang

It’s Do Good week in Omaha, so we spelled out D-O G-O-O-D at every stop along a mosey down to the lake and back.

Stop 1: PAX moseyed to the tennis courts and lined up along the fence for the following exercise.

  • Donkey kicks x 15 on up
  • Outlaws x 10 each way (legs together, big circles in cadence)
  • Goofballs x 20 IC
  • One-leg burpee x 5 on down
  • One-leg burpee x 5 on down
  • Dollies x 20 on open

Stop 2: PAX moseyed to one of two pre-marked spots on a trail that goes down to the lake. With this being the 2nd week of being officially open, YHC wanted to tour the area and see what the sunrise looked like over the lake.

  • Dry docks x 20 on down
  • Overhead claps x 20 on up
  • Grady Corn x 25 IC
  • One-leg burpee x 5 on down
  • One-leg burpee x 5 on down
  • Dollies x 20 on open

Stop 3: Moseyed down to the pier (Zorro would like it stated that this is not a dock as originally declared by YHC). Technically around 80% of the PAX moseyed too far and had to be wrangled by YHC.

  • Derricks (single leg deadlift) x 10 each leg on down
  • One-leg squat x 10 each leg
  • Goofballs x 20 IC
  • One-leg burpee x 5 on down
  • One-leg burpee x 5 on down
  • Dollies x 20 on open

Stop 4: PAX moseyed back up the hill to the marked area. Rooney was feeling frisky and added reps to the workout because he is a beast and wanted to make sure he got his money’s worth out of the beat down.

  • Dry docks x 25 on down
  • Overhead claps x 25 on up
  • Gorilla humpers x 20 IC (monkey humpers with a wider stance)
  • One-leg burpee x 5 on down
  • One-leg burpee x 5 on down
  • Dollies x 20 on open

Stop 5: Moseyed up the hill to one more pre-marked location to stop and try to squeeze in as many reps as possible.

  • Derricks x 10 each leg
  • Outlaws x 10 IC each directions

Stop 6: With time running short, the PAX had to cut it short and run up to the tennis courts. The Thang started with being inverted in Donkey Kicks, and we would finish that way out of respect for Maverick in Top Gun. PAX lined up along the fence for one minute of balls to the wall.

Omaha was called at 5:56.


Bringing a little Douglas County down to Sarpy, this beatdown had core throughout. We did not do Mary out of respect for the cool work No Doze started and Othello continues to carry and accelerate.


  • Convergence on Saturday – look to Twitter and Slack for details. Special calls out for parking and canned good requests. 
  • COOP opens tomorrow
  • Farm pop up on Friday


Roadhouse completely stole my thunder by taking a topic for a COT I wrote like 3 weeks ago while in a deep state of reflection. His focus on what it means to be open to all men was stated much more articulately and much more passionately that YHC would have been able to carry out, so instead I focused on a piece of what it means to be open to all men … the intentional action that is required.

Nothing in this life just happens to us. Our actions create opportunities. Being open is not a passive statement. It’s incumbent upon all of us as leaders to take action to EH people no matter if they are of like mind, religion, race, sexual orientation. Even if we may not be friends or generally like them, they may need this group. Our job is not to judge but to live out the epitome of love. Be the shining example. Directly tying this into the homework for the week, YHC asked everyone, at all beat downs, to welcome and every person they encounter—whether they know the person or not. A simple hello, or a fist bump, anything to take the action of welcoming and being open to ALL MEN.

Homework: Everyone should greet or welcome every PAX at every workout for the next week.

Capri Sun: YHC gave the coveted Capri Sun to Haggis. I have Q’d twice this week, and he has been there both times. Despite admittedly being sore, he continues to take the DRP and post. Congrats, and way to jump in kick ass.  

YHC took us out in prayer.

Lucky Charms

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