4.21.2021 Top Rope: Anniversary Q Weather: 31 degrees, calm

The PAX: Toadstool, Barn Door, Armbar, Wide Right, Italian Job, Kill Switch, Bubbles, Theraband, Super-Tasty, Tug Boat, Patton (respect!), Othello, Doppler, Brad Pitt (DR, Double Respect), Ketchup, Thor, Moon Man, FNG Mike Duffy (Gator).
The QIC: Rollbar

YHC arrived at the AO early to spread the elements of the beatdown around and make sure everything was ready to go. 60lb sandbags and coupons were laid out into pain stations for the beatdown.
Greeting the gathering PAX Rollbar welcomed an FNG to the group and shared the Mission, Creed, and Core Principles as well as emphasizing the disclaimer. Since the workout involved throwing heavy things around modification may be necessary to avoid injury.
Leading the PAX to the soccer field, YHC lead Warm-o-Rama.

Side Straddle Hop x25ic
Sun gods x12ic each way
Tappy Taps x12ic
Cherry Pickers x12ic

We ran to the side of the school where The Thang was set to take place. I explained that the sandbag station would be our push, a team of two would complete the following and then push to the next station.

The Thang
Sandbag Station (Push station): travel to cones and back.
Clean and throw
Lunge w/ bag on shoulders
Crawl and drag
Farmer’s carry
Lunge w/ bag to chest

AMRAP stations (A & B at each station)
Traveling Merkins (Coupons)/ LBCs
Big Boys/Werkins
Deep squats/Chillcut
Maktar Ndaies/American Hammers
Squat Jumps/WWII situps w/ coupons

Time went quickly and we were not able to make the full list of push exercises happen before Omaha had to be called, we retrieved the toys and took them to my Jeep. In respect of everyone’s time an abbreviated Mary was lead back at the shovel flags.

Sweat Angels X15ic
American Hammers Rancid style

COT: Do.
Don’t just read the book. Don’t just listen to the podcast. Don’t just watch videos online. Don’t just take notes. Don’t just study them. Don’t just share them with friends. Don’t just plan. Don’t just “get motivated”. Don’t just talk. Don’t just think. Don’t just dream.

No. None of that matters.

The only thing that matters is that you actually do.
Jocko Willink~ Discipline Equals Freedom

YHC exhorted the PAX to go forth and DO leadership things, all the talk and study is meaningless unless we go DO.

Be Blessed,

Rollbar #SYITG

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