April 20, 2021/AO – The Colosseum/Temperature: 36 Degrees

Pax: Stink Bait, Ice T, Sportiva, Buns of Steel, Samples (RESPECT), Tin Cup, Huffy, STELLA, Greek Freak, Biff, Sven, Kill Switch, Bloodshot, Merch, Vintage, Rollbar, Beta Max, 2 x 4.

Q: Safe Ride

Safe Ride promptly welcomed the men to F3 Omaha just outside the gates of The Colosseum.  He informed them that the Mission Statement of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small men’s workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.  The 5 core principles of F3 is it is free, open to all men, held outdoors rain or shine, peer-led in a rotating fashion, and ends in a circle of trust.  The disclaimer: there’s a real risk of injury and PAX should modify as necessary. 


The PAX moseyed around the track for a lap and continued to midfield for warm-a-rama.  Once at the location, the following exercises were performed:

  1. SSH x 25 IC
  2. Huffy 10 Speeds x 20 IC


The PAX moseyed to the center of the east/home bleachers for the pre-thang. PAX were told to partner up and instructed on how this portion of the beatdown would go down.  One PAX runs to the staircase on the south side of the bleachers.  Run up the stairs and over to the far staircase on the northside.  Then back down to your partner.  While one partner is running the other is performing the following AMRAP exercises

  • Step Ups
  • Dips
  • Bonnie Blairs
  • Derkins

Once every PAX completed the four exercises they moseyed back onto the field and into the north endzone for The Thang!


Stay with your partner for a two-man “BOMBS” grinder.  One guy performs AMRAP exercise while his partner runs to the opposite 29-yard-line (71 yards) and back.  Switch when the running partner returns.  Rinse and repeat as needed.

  • B: Burpees
  • O: Overhead claps
  • M: Merkins
  • B: Big Boy Sit-ups
  • S: Squats

Omaha called at 6:05am


  • LBCs
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Freddie Mercury’s
  • American Hammers – Rancid Style


We’ve only just begun!  On this date in 1971, Barbara Streisand released “We’ve Only Just Begun”.  Hence the reason Safe Ride had the Pax run 71 yards during The Thang.  This Saturday marks F3 Omaha’s 3-year anniversary celebration.  A lot has changed over the last three years with this group.  When Safe Ride joined F3 it was just a few weeks before the 1-celebration.  At that time, the PAX had eleven workout options throughout the week.  They were as follows: 2 Monday Murph Workouts, 2 Tuesday workouts, 2 Wednesday specialized workouts, Two Thursday workouts, 2 Friday workouts, and 1 Saturday. By May 1st this year, F3 Omaha will have 30 unique workout opportunities each and every week.  This doesn’t even include the pre-runs, pre-rucks, 12 in 21’ half marathons, and all the other crazy events we do.  It is remarkable to see how much we have grown.  Yet, in Safe Ride’s opinion, we’ve only just begun.  Our mission is to plant, GROW, and serve small men’s workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.  We will continue to grow.  That requires all of us to be HIM and leaders, both inside and outside of F3.  Get on the Q schedule, read Freed to Lead, talk to myself, Tater Tot, Plague, and/or a Site-Q about leadership roles with F3.  Bring fresh and new ideas to the group about how we can get better (and bigger).  We are here to eradicate the sad clown syndrome.  Our mission is just beginning.

Go carpe that diem, boys!


  • Greek Freak’s brother-in-law who is battling COVID
  • Stink Bait’s brother who recently underwent hip surgery
  • Toadstool’s family as he recently had an aunt pass away
  • Grow Ruck event occurring the weekend of July 16th.  See Rollbar for further details
  • 3-year Anniversary Convergence this Saturday at the Pit.  6-8am.  Bring canned goods to donate to the Food Bank.

Greek Freak took us out in prayer. 

Much love!

Safe Ride

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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