Tuesday April 13thth  The Wild Kingdom Back-blast Khakis on the Q

At exactly 5:30 AM Khakis got it going.  It was a chilly and FREAKING DARK Spring morning at The Wild Kingdom and Khakis welcomed these 21 PAX to F3 – Fitness Fellowship and Faith. He gave the Mission Statement, as well as the 5 Core Principles, the F3 Credo and finally the Disclaimer was given as well.  Khakis asked if there were any FNG’s and he the welcomed Andrew and Alex and they were off. 

The Pax Circled up for a very rare but short Warmarma that consisted of 10 Imperial Walkers, 10 Tappy Taps and 10 Moroccan Night Clubs all In Cadence.  

Then there was short mosey to The Thang

The plan was for a 3 group 2 Station Grinder with one the pair in your group would act as the push.  Khakis’ direction were a little less than perfect and as everyone was asked to pair up and then get with 2 other pairs much of what was envisioned in Khakis head was lost in translation.  I suggest you try not getting to deep into what’s in Khakis head – you might regret what you find. 

The beat-down was supposed to be each group do each exercise twice, once at each location.  Rumor has it that Tater and Slow Pitch are still doing Monkey Humpers waiting for one of them either to stop or the push group to finally show up…not sure either ever did.  

  1. Progressive Monkey Hump & Groins
  2. Squatted Red Bull Shoulder Presses   
  3. Progressive SSSH & Burpees
  4. Red Bull Flutter Kicks   
  5. Progressive Bonnie Blair & Air Squats
  6. Reb Bull LBCs   
  7. Progressive Plank Jacks & Hand Release Merkins

At 6:05 Khakis finally called Omaha and put an end to this Self-Inflicted-Cluster-Fuck – The Pax moseyed back to the Shovel Flags for 50 American Hammers…somewhere around number 35 Mufasa chirped something about Khakis showing off for the FNGs….FYI Mufasa, if Khakis were showing off he sure as freaking hell wouldn’t have stopped at 50 – that’s for damn sure.  Show some Respect.  But he did stop at 50 and then it was time for Namorama.   


Tater Tot, Crab Cakes, Hogs, Tonight Show, Moon Man, Barn Door, Thomas, Armbar., Cheap Seats, Short Sale, Cutting Edge, Butterfly “Respect”, Mufasa, Andrew Dirks FNG Alex FNG, Grillz, Slow Pitch, Vandalay “Respect”, LPC, Toto, and Hard Hat.

Welcome Ding Dong and Lil’ Red

Several Announcements were made many included Pop-Up AO’s the launching of new sights, the F3 Omaha 3 Year Anniversary including the can good food drive, and finally the Queen Service Lunch.  Prayers were given and Khakis got into his COT.

Khakis’ COT dovetailed nicely off the announcements and prayers as he continued his 2021 COT Theme based on the 5 Core Principles and Mission Statement.  Khakis reminded the Pax that each of our 5 Core Principles is truly unique…Free, open to all men, always outside, led in a rotating fashion and ends in a Circle of Trust…just having one of those would make us unique but it is ALL 5 that makes F3 Special.  It was amazing that each announcement was in one form or another interwoven into our Mission Statement.  The need of new AO’s was evident we are definitely PLANTING and GROWING and with 22 here today and 102 all across Omaha we see the value of SERVING SMALL WORKOUT GROUPS and with our 3 Year Anniversary (Food Bank Can Good Drive) just a couple of weeks away followed up by the June CSAUP focusing on our Foundation we are without a doubt INVIGORATING MALE COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP.

We are part of something pretty special – cherish it…and with that Khakis had us take a knee. 

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

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