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April 17, 2021, Weather: 42 degrees, rain ending, with humidity at 91%.

QIC: Vandelay.  


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I arrived this morning just after the pre-runners had departed and scoped out the Methodist parking lot to set up a nice spot that could be mostly dry for the THANG portion of the beatdown.  As many of you know, I am not a fan of precipitation, so I was glad that the rain was subsiding.

My paint sample bottles provided some nice weights for the workout sheets.  As an F3 nerd- I had ordered my own birthday present of some light up cones to use for workouts, but they hadn’t arrived in time to use this morning.  Something to look forward to for next time.

As pre-runners were returning and the PAX were arriving, it was getting close to ready to kick things off.  So, I welcomed the group, introduced myself, called out our FNG, and ran through the usual protocol, indicating this was an improvement beatdown of the one I used at my 50- year birthday Q last year.  Seemed appropriate to use on my last day of being 50 as well.

The Mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small men’s workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

5 Core Principles: 1) It’s free; 2) open to all men; 3) always held outdoors; 4) peer led in a rotating fashion; and 5) ends in a circle of trust.  

To start this beatdown we headed around the school to meet up on the playground parking lot for Warm-A-Rama.


Side Straddle Hop 30 IC – the new 50.

Wind-Mills 10 IC, Tappy Taps 10 IC, Cherry Pickers 10 IC, OH Claps 10 on Up, Jump Tucks 10 on Up   = 50 (quickly one after the other)

High Knees 30 Count

This was followed by a Mosey to the CitBank Parking Lot where we circled up for one of my favorites.


My favorite – Usain Bolt 50s (A slight twist on the traditional Bolt 45s) -again quickly in succession.

Halfway Squat – 15 on the Down

From half to full squat – 15 on the Down

Squat Jump – 15 on the Up

Rinse & Repeat (3x) to get 45 of each exercise.

Then we added this to reach 50:

Halfway Squat – 5 on the Down

From half to full squat – 5 on the Down

Squat Jump – 5 on the Up

Johnny Dramas.  15 with toes straight, 15 toes out, 15 toes in.

After completing this circuit, we had another mosey back around to the Methodist parking lot.


I had set up a rectangle approximately the size of a basketball court on the Methodist Parking lot – south side.  In each corner there was a pain station with exercises focusing on a body section.  Pax completed all the exercises at the starting station then were instructed to run an entire lap touching all station locations back to start then on to the next.  PAX were allowed torun the 1.25 lap in whatever fashion they wanted- sprints, running backward, skipping, etc.

You are welcome to break sets into (2) 25= 50 or (2) 15= 30

Station 1: Chest- Arms• Merkins 50• Mountain Climbers 50 IC• Werkins 30• Plank Jacks 50 IC

Station 2: Foundation• Lunges 25L/ 25R• Smurf Jacks 30 IC• Jump Tucks 25 on the up• Bobby Hurleys 50 on the Down

Station 3: Arms• Cherry pickers 50 IC• Chinooks with Vert Pickle Pushers 50 IC• Sun Gods 25F and 25 R IC• Seal Claps 25 then OH Claps 25

Station 4: Core• Freddie Mercuries 50 IC• Big Boys 30• Plank 50 CT• Low Dolly 30 • Crab Humpers 50 IC

I called “Omaha” at the completion of one round complete circuit.


I needed to abbreviate Mary to ensure I respected the start time for the 7 AM crew.

American Hammer 50 IC – of course.  Led with 10 sets by 5 PAX members.

Announcements:• Convergence next Saturday at the Pit.  There will be a lot of information on Slack this week. No other workout locations will be open next Saturday. Please bring food donations to other workouts if you cannot attend on Saturday.• Trident AO is launching on Tuesday

Prayer Requests:• Prayers for Waterboy’s father- Fritz.  He will have heart surgery Monday.• Prayers for Friend of Two Step and his legal process and innocence.• I apologize if I left any out.

COT and Prayer: 

Last year at this time, I had my RESPECT club entry work out – which you experienced a lot of here today.  That day and the involvement of my brothers meant a lot.  It was early in the pandemic and we were still feeling out whether we could meet as groups or not.  The CSAUP for that day had been cancelled but several guys pushed for us to still meet and workout in small groups regularly including here at Aldrich.  It was a great morning and Wait Time organized a Zoom call for that afternoon.  It was truly a highlight day of my early pandemic experiences.  I keep on my phone a VM that I received that morning during the workout.  Slow Pitch had called during the beatdown that morning and left me a birthday message.  His words meant a lot to me, and it was a nice remembrance listening to it again the other day.  My summary message is to be aware of what your F3 brothers mean in your life and ultimately be appreciative of the impact those relationships have on making us better people.  

I closed us out in prayer.

I am humbled, once again, to be in the presence of some of the people I RESPECT most in life, 50 or not.  



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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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