The Canyon 4.17.2021 Weather: 41, damp and breezy

The PAX: Mother Goose, FDIC, Lil’ Red, Cyclone (Respect!), Wentworth, Bloodshot, Spacebar, Sportiva, Buns of Steel, Side Dish (Hate), Spreadsheet (Hate), BetaMax, Gumbo

The QIC: Rollbar

Having enjoyed the standard-issue fellowship of an Oscar Mike Ruck, YHC was full of energy and ready to administer what he hoped would be a savage beatdown. YHC welcomed the gathered PAX, recited the Mission Statement and Motto of F3, offered the disclaimer and quickly lead the PAX on a circuit around the Gallup parking lot to Warm-o-Rama.  


  • SSH x20ic
  • Big Ones x20ic
  • Tappy-taps x20ic
  • Cherry Pickers x20ic
  • Sun gods x10ic each way
  • Chinooks x10ic each way

As I lead the PAX across the lot to the site of the impending Thang, I explained that this was a simple grinder. No big deal. Pair off, one man sprints (MAX effort) out to cones set about 60 yards away, performs 5 burpees and lunge walks his way back to where his partner was AMRAPing the following exercises. 

Thang: Planks-a-lot! (Grinder)

  • High plank
  • Merkins
  • Makhtar N’Diayes
  • Hydraulic Squats
  • Peter Parker
  • LBCs
  • Chilcutt
  • Hand release Merkins

The Mumblechatter started pretty quickly “Hey Rollbar, are we lunging back every time?!?” When the PAX reached the Makhtar N’Diayes followed by the Hydraulic Squats the Mumblechatter increased significantly, “Only 40 more minutes of this %^&# left!”, invectives were hurled and it appears I may be officially banned from Qing ever again. 

I thought out loud that I might need to call an audible, which caused a shudder from one PAX who said “I’m not sure I want to know what you’d audible to!”. I had the PAX circle up and lead in a nice deep Copperhead Squat set, and asked various PAX to lead an exercise which quickly turned into a very Roadhouse like sexy circle, Pickle Pushers, Oh Yeahs, and Monkey Humper were called, then it was back to the grinder. We all finished a round of Planks and Omaha was mercifully called. 


  • Sweat Angels x20ic
  • Big Boys x30
  • Heel touches x20ic
  • Heels to Heaven x20ic
  • American Hammers Rancid style/20ic

COT: Watch your language!

YHC was deeply impacted by my experience at GrowRuck MidWest last August, I shared what lead to my biggest takeaway from that night in the gloom. 

I was privileged to be appointed as the Platoon Leader (PL) for one of the rotations, it was my job to determine how to accomplish the task given to us by the Cadre, tell the PAX what we were doing and how and to lead the men through the rotation. This particular rotation was deep into the night, into the pre-dawn hours, we were all tired and not working well as a team. At one point a metal pole was dropped on the pavement, causing a racket and the Cadre gave us a solid ass chewing for not working together and informed us that we would be walking single file, carrying an implement on our own, and we could not talk.

In my own mind, in that silence, my inner dialogue was brutal, “You’re a failure. Terrible leader, you’ve embarrassed yourself. You’ve embarrassed F3Omaha…” I was giving in to all the hyper-criticalness that I carry within myself.

After a period the Cadre put me back in charge, and the PAX pulled together and successfully hit some checkpoints and ultimately reached the objective. At the end, the PAX gave me an After Action Report. If I were to write a script for how I would want someone to describe my leadership, it would sound a lot like what I heard from those men. Positive, energetic, encouraging…

What I realize looking back on that is this: I can be absolutely brutal to myself with my inner dialogue, 3 years ago I was an out-of-shape sad clown who referred to himself regularly as “The Fat Kid” both out loud and in my mind. I needed to see that I am not that guy anymore, I am not fat, I am not lazy, I am actually an accelerating leader whose life is getting better each day. 

YHC encouraged the PAX to examine how they speak to themselves and realize that they are not the man they were a year ago, not the same as they were even yesterday! Be good to yourselves, watch your language!




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