15 April 2021

AO: Futurama

Weather: Clear, 32 degrees

PAX (19): Othello, Relish, Polaroid, Touché, Jeeves, Demogorgon, Hipster, Gunner, Spreadsheet, Slow Pitch (ahh), Brad Pitt (DR), Two Step, Side Dish, Sticky Bandit, FNG (Stitches), Ketchup, Sportiva, Rooster

QIC: Pantyhose

Pre-run (3): Othello, Slow Pitch, Sticky Bandit 

YHC pulled into the AO at 0457 to see Slow Pitch on his way to plant his shovel flag. Sticky Bandit showed up about 30 seconds later. YHC proceeded down the path to mark the areas for the pre-thang and the thang as Slow Pitch and Sticky Bandit journeyed out for a pre-run.

Upon returning to the shovel flags, YHC was greeted by Ketchup and Brad Pitt (DR from GA) and what appeared to be a random dude riding a bike near the shovel flags. Come to find out, this random dude was an FNG, brought out by a team of PAX, including Slow Pitch, Ketchup, and Relish. As a fellow West O-er, it was great to see some familiar faces that made the voyage east to Futurama on this fine Thursday morning. 

YHC welcomed the PAX at 0530, recited the 3F’s, mission statement, five core principles, and disclaimer. The PAX welcomed an FNG (Adam). The PAX moseyed eastward down the path towards the glorious tree near Dodge St. and circled up for Warm-o-rama.

Just before SSH’s YHC shared a quote so the PAX could warm-o-rama their minds:

“Don’t allow the discomfort of a situation prevent you from performing the duty at hand…”

Warm – o – Rama

  • SSH x 25 IC
  • Abe Vigoda x 10 IC
  • Sun Gods x 10 IC (forward/backward)
  • Big Ones x 10 IC (5 each side)
  • Tappy Taps (10 IC)
  • Jump Squats (10 IC)

YHC noticed more mumble chatter than usual during the warm-o-rama…especially when Abe Vigoda’s were called…is it Abe Vigoda or Windmills? It became increasingly louder the further we delved into the warmup…almost to the point where it became difficult to call cadence to the exercises. I’m not sure what kind of show Othello runs here on the east side.


  • Four cones were setup in the huge open area between Dodge St. and the memorial monument each 42 yards apart marking a line going up the hill. The PAX formed a line facing Dodge St. and Bernie Sandered to the first cone then performed “The Ryan Express”, a 3 exercise complex. Bernied to the next cone, exercise…and again until reaching the last cone. Same concept on the way back down the hill, replacing Bernie with a sprint from cone to cone. Exercies:
    • Nolan Ryan x 10 each side
    • Mahktar N’ Daiyes x 10 IC
    • Merkins x 10

Lots of moans, groans, grumbling throughout the duration of the pre-thang. It was the perfect amount of discomfort. After a couple 10 counts, the PAX moseyed up the west trail to the field west of the circle drive where four cones were setup in the shape of a diamond, or was it a square, or was it a rhombus? YHC quickly realized he was not the only engineer amongst the group…Slow Pitch became angered (more than normal).

The Thang

  • 7 of Diamonds. The PAX split into 4 groups and worked through the exercises. Perform first exercise at each station, when you get back to the starting station then perform the second exercise, third round third exercise, and so on.  
  • Exercises
    • Round 1: Burpees 7X
    • Round 2: Flutter Kicks 14 IC
    • Round 3: Merkins 21x
    • Round 4: Air Squats 28x
    • Round 5: Cherry Pickers 21 IC
    • Round 6: LBCs 14 IC
    • Round 7: Groiners 7X

Apparently, some of the PAX weren’t happy about 84 merkins in a span of about 2 minutes…they will remain nameless. However, 84 = 42 x 2…just saying.

Omaha was called at 0607…most groups had worked their way into round 5. PAX moseyed to the shovel flags for Mary.


  • American Hammer x 42 IC


  • Othello mentioned all of the new AO’s (pop-up and launch dates).
  • Jeeves mentioned a Q-source celebratory lunch tomorrow (4/16) at the Inner Rail.


  • Two Step asked for prayers for his friend Jeff
  • Sticky Bandit asked for prayers as he transitions to a new job that will relocate him to Corpus Christi


April 15 is recognized by the MLB as Jackie Robinson Day (hence the baseball theme, 42’s sprinkled through the beat down and 42 American hammers). Seventy-four years ago today (1947) Jackie Robinson started first base for the Brooklyn Dodgers breaking the color barrier in major league baseball. In some ways we’ve come a long way…after some of the events we’ve witnessed in the last year, some may say we still have a long way to go. I’m sure there was much discomfort – on both sides – on this day back in 1947. 

I revisited the quote that started the workout and informed the PAX that earlier, I purposely left off the last half of the quote…saving it for the COT. The full quote is:

“Don’t allow the discomfort of a situation prevent you from performing the duty at hand…sometimes the feeling comes later.”

It is sometimes difficult to get out of bed in the morning, plant that first foot and get out the door to the beat down. When it’s cold, raining, etc. There is discomfort. But the feeling I have at the end – after the COT – makes it all worthwhile.

I believe we all can find parallels in our daily lives, whether it is physical or emotional, where we allow discomfort to stop us from something we know we need to do. When you encounter those situations, try to think about that feeling that will come later.

I shared a story about a moment of discomfort about six months ago when I had to confront my son’s youth football coach for what I felt was inappropriate post-game commentary to the players. The coach was a friend of mine and it was very difficult to confront him about the situation…but I did it anyway. Told him that I thought his actions and words were not the right way to handle the situation…that it could have been handled much differently. I don’t know whether it meant anything to him…But I do know this: As my son and I were walking through the parking lot back to the truck, the feeling came upon me and I knew it was the right thing to do – for me, and especially for my son.



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