“Mosey Through The Farm”

PAX (12): KOA, Baby Shark, Ear Tag, Firewalker, High Life, Trench, Crab Cakes, Lemon Law, Swiper, Maaco, and Tony the Tiger

QIC: Ferdinand

Pre-Run: Baby Shark, Swiper, Trench, Tony the Tiger, Firewalker, Ferdinand

This was a 5k loop around my whole town of Springfield! There was some great mumble chatter. Before we even started the pre-run, we talked about how lame all of our backblasts are compared to Roadhouse, The Plague, Folsom, etc. We then started up Main Street at 4:45 AM. It is a good hill and as we approached Tony the Tiger’s neighborhood, there was mention that if he ever fart sacks the pre-run that we will be dropping a deuce on his driveway as we take a quick tour by his house! We then approached a catholic church to when Firewalker made mention of the multiple swear words, he has already used this morning and that he will need to go to church and ask for forgiveness. There was mention of potential mountain lion sightings and to always be on the lookout. As we approached Pflug Road I heard Firewalker make mention of a rooster crowing……..sure as shit……..his high beam head lamp must of made the rooster think it was breakfast time! The rooster at the farm off Pflug Road was crowing loud (talking back to Firewalker) as we continued down the gravel road. We jumped on Mopac trail and headed back to the shovel flags to meet the other PAX who were arriving for the 5:15 AM beatdown!

Ferdinand welcomed the PAX and introduced himself, F3’s Mission, The Three Fs, 5 Core Principles, Disclaimer and asking if there are any FNGs.
No FNGs.


We all moseyed to the livestock panels behind the bucking chutes for 20 panel crawl overs with a burpee. We spread out along the panels and started the exercise. Right away I was already hearing this is ‘bull crap’ or this is ‘bull shit’ (no pun intended) as this exercise was where the bucking bulls and horses hang out while they await their turn to enter the bucking chutes. Mumble chatter started to fizzle off after we hit 4, 5, … and then it just got quiet as these were a lot harder than they sound!

The Thang:

We moseyed to the covered stage area for 3 sets of 10 box jumps and 20 dips. The stage looked a lot higher than what I remembered once we approached the area for box jumps and dips. Half the group did box jumps on the stage while the other half did dips on the benches and then we switched for 3 total sets. Every PAX member really had to work to make the box jump on the stage. We all completed the three sets with very little mumble chatter.

We then moseyed to the covered beam area for 3 sets of 10 pull-ups and 20 merkins. This was intense as we were doing 10 pull-ups on a steel beam. You really had to work hard with your grip as it was a flat surface. We all did the 10 pull-ups together and then we all counted off 20 merkins. We went through three total sets.

Next, we all moseyed to the concrete covered area for 3 sets of 30 Bonnie Blairs IC and 30 Copperhead Squats IC. This is where things got interesting. After one set I looked over and saw a PAX member crawled up into a frog position as I could tell his legs were jello! Other PAX members were doing everything in their power to not stop exercising. Some had to take quick 5-10 second breaks before continuing. 30 Bonnie Blairs IC followed by 30 Copperhead Squats IC is Hard! I could tell ALL the PAX were relieved once halt was called on the last set of Copperhead Squats.

We then moseyed to the gravel track for 5 burpees and then half a lap as we continued to the biggest hill in Springfield! We all moseyed up the hill and planked to the six. Once all PAX made it up the hill we turned around and moseyed over the where the tractor tires were staged.

Once we arrived to the tractor tires we numbered off # 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 4, 4, …… The 1s went first and each flipped over their own tire 3 times while all the other PAX ran up and down a small hill close by. Once the 1s finished up they called out 2s and so on. We ended up getting through every group twice!

Omaha was called at 5:54 AM and then we moseyed back to the shovel flags for Mary!


50 Sarpy County Slammers IC rancid style!

# Off/Name-o-rama/FNG/Announcements/Prayer Requests/COT/Prayer:

Announcements – 12-in-21 April run is next Sunday April 25th at the MoPac Trail in Springfield, NE starting at 5:00 AM. Come run any distance and meet back at Black Sheep Coffeehouse for 2nd F! The three-year anniversary convergence is next Saturday April 24th 6-8 AM at The Pit. There are many pop-ups and new sits opening so please support your brothers!

Prayer Requests – Swiper’s family and in particular Harry, Maaco’s customer’s family, Schnapps family and in particular his cousin, and all the hurting PAX members.

COT – Sales is leadership and leadership is sales

Who is the most important person you will ever sell to and lead? You are the most important person.

If we cannot lead ourselves, how can we lead others? Q-Source 3rd Quadrant – Lead Right

I shared with the PAX that we must get right and live right prior to us leading right! I read Folsom’s backblast the other day and I wanted the PAX to hear it if they had not already. He talked about going over to a house where his ex-wife was with her new boyfriend, old close friends, and he would be the outsider. He made the decision to go in and spend a couple hours with people that use to be close to him and now have not in many years. The night sounded like it went better than expected and his ex-wife even sent him a text after mentioning how amazed she is by what F3 has done for him (personally, leadership, etc.). Just remember to lean on your PAX members and get the most out of F3. You may be struggling now; however, that does not mean in a couple months you will not be a changed man!

Prayer – Firewalker took us out in prayer!

Buckle Presentation – The 1st week buckle presentation goes to Crab Cakes! He was on another level this morning! I looked over when he was flipping the tractor tire and I am pretty sure he flipped it an extra 2-3 times! Dude was a beast this morning!

Final Thoughts – I am beyond blessed to be given the opportunity to lead a great group of HIMs! I truly believe that The Farm will be a successful new AO site and that is because of the support of all the current and new PAX members. Keep accelerating brothers!



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