Thursday – 4/15/21

Q: Slick

11 HIM: Tater Tot, Yodel, Crabcakes, Roadhouse, Big One, Fine Print, Vandalay, Cheap Seats, Wait Time, Hard Hat, Barn Door, Slick

F3: The 3 F’s are Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith​.

Mission Statement: The mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small men’s workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.  

The Five Core Principles: 

  1. Free of charge
  2. Open to all men
  3. Held outdoors
  4. Led by individuals in a rotating fashion
  • Ends with a Circle of Trust

I am not a professional. Any FNGs?

Warm-O-Rama: 8 mins (5:31-5:37)

  • Mosey to bottom of the small hill
    • SSH – 10 IC
    • Imperial Walker – 10 IC
    • Tappy Taps – 10 IC
    • Cherry Pickers – 10 IC

The Thang: Running with pain stations

  • #1: After crossing over by lake
    • 25 merkins x 2
  • #2: NW corner of lake
    • Prime Burpees: 11, 7, 5, 3, 2
      • 5 LBCs IC in between each set
  • #3: Field by lake
    • 30 air squats
    • 30 squat jumps
    • Heals to heaven IC x15
  • #4: Big Hill
    • Partner Up: top of hill Burpees, partner run down and back up
  • #5: Q called audible and mosey’d back to field by lake
    • Big boy situps
    • Freddy Mercury
    • Oh Yea’s at the lake with the sun rising
  • #6: Mosey back to the Big Hill until Omaha called
    • Partner Up: top of hill Burpees, partner run down and back up

Mosey to Shovel-Flags


  • 35 Am Hams (another prime number)


  • Count Off
    • 11 HIM + 1 Q
  • Name-A-Rama & FNGs
    • No FNGs
  • Announcements
    • Gretna Pop-Up
    • 4/24 convergence 6-8a, bring canned goods
    • Trident Launch on Tuesday 4/20
  • Prayer Request
    • Big one’s friend Tom – his dad Mark passed away from leukemia
    • Ryder-boys’ dad’s 70th birthday
  • COT
    • The purpose of this life is to move toward “creatorship”
      • Think about the things in your life you get lost in and find natural rhythm and flow when dedicating time towards this. This is something completely unique for each of us.
      • Think about the things that feel this way for you and invest more time.
      • Keep trying new things, and break out of your comfort zone to continue discovering this flow for the entirety of life. As you pass into different phases.
  • Ending Prayer
    • Close your eyes and just be still and feel the energy of those around you and the stillness of the morning.
    • Help us run toward creatorship and be not afraid to live there. Help us move out of our heads and into our hearts and feel our soul and feel what brings us alive and engulfs us. We are each unique and full of creativity. Help us bring that into this world more fully.
    • Amen
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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

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