HIMS in attendance: Lucky Charms, Zorro, Ferdinand, Wait Time, The Plague, Tony the Tiger, Double Dip, Ear Tag, High Life, Firewalker, Knobs, Rooney, FNG: Delilah, Swiper, Feeney, FNG: Belding, Folsom, KOA, Baby Shark, Boiling Point, Space Bar, Echo, Hard Hat, Tater Tot, Squeeky Clean, Arch, & YHC Gobbler.  As an addendum, there were 2 PAX who showed up about 15 minutes late.  They will not be called out in this backblast, because they know who they are…

WELCOME – I stated the F3 Mission Statement , 5 Core Principles, making sure to let everyone know that I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL, the workout had the chance of injury, especially with the “equipment” that we were using. 

We are going to pay tribute to two of this AO’s influences…PLVS High School (opened 18 years ago) and the roughly 9% of trainees that make it through BUDS, or Navy Seal Training

We grouped off in 4 Teams (This was your “squadron”).  Lucky Charms was tasked with leading Squadrons 1 & 2 to first start with Missions 2 & 3, while Gobbler led Squadrons 3 & 4 on Mission 1. 

The PAX began down a mosey of the “runway” or parking lot toward the site of our first 3 missions:


18 – SSHs

9 – Tappy Taps

9 – Big Ones

9 – Sun Gods – Forward

9 – Sun Gods – Backward

18 – Imperial Walkers

DZ Mission #1: Located at the Clark Griswold Memorial Launching Pad

Jacobs Ladder

1 Burpee – Run Down Hill – 2 Burpees – Run Backward Back up

3 Burpee – Down – 4 Burpees – Run Backward Back up

5 Burpee – Down – 6 Burpee – Run Backward Back up

7 Burpee – Down – 8 Burpee – Run Backward Back up

9 Burpees

DZ Mission #2: Located adjacent to the “Runway”

Tire Flips – 9 flips per squadron

  • Wall Sits while waiting

DZ Mission #3: Located adjacent to the “Runway”

Phone Pole Front Squats – 9 Per Squadron Member

  • Alternating Shoulder Taps while waiting

Once each squadron completed missions 1,2 and 3, the group moseyed back to the football field for a final grinder:

DZ Mission #4: Located on the Football Field (naming rights TBD)

Squadron Grinder


Run to 27 Yard Line – BLIMPS

            5 Burpees

            10 Lunges (Each leg)

15 Imperial Walkers

            20 Merkins

            25 Plank Jacks

            30 Squats


            Mountain Climbers

DZ Mission #5: MARY

18 – LBCs (IC)

18 – Flutter Kicks (IC)

18 – Freddy Mercury’s (IC)

18 – Oblique Crunches – Right

18 – Oblique Crunches – Left

Sarpy Slammers – Rancid

At 5:55 the PAX moved back up to the parking lot for NOR, naming the FNGs, and COT.

Jean Claude provided coffee for all in attendance!

I recently listened to a TED talk with Simon Sinek, he is a modern day philosopher, author and business consultant content.  There was this clip that he talked about how the the best team in the world is created, and his point is that the Navy Seals are arguably regarded as some of the top teams in the world.  I know that we have Air Force vets, Marine Corp vets, Army vets, but the selection process for Navy Seals is legendary.  So as Simon was interviewing this Navy Seal veteran, he asks what is the type of person that makes it through such a difficult selection process, commonly known as BUDS, and the navy Vet thinks for a few seconds and says, I can tell you who does not make it through: Star Athletes (they have never been tested this hard) preening leaders who constantly delegate, huge tough guys with muscles and tattoos ,trying to prove individual strength, they all rarely make it through.  The veteran then says that there are common traits of those who make it through BUDS, they can be skinny and scrawny, they can be seen shivering in fear during hell week.  Finally, he said that the recruits that make it through, when they are physically and emotionally exhausted, someway, somehow, they dig down deep to find the energy to help the person next to them.  So it is through service, giving of one’s self that creates the highest performing teams in the world.  I see that with the team we are building of men in F3Omaha.  We are creating a team here, and its not for everybody.  But if we want to be effective at living up to our mission statement, we need to serve others, our brothers, sisters, and our community.  Our service can be through any one of the 3 Fs, it can be through family, it can be in our community.

There will be 3 things different about the Danger Zone

#1 is Rooney, he gave us access to this amazing facility and we need to make sure we leave it each week in better shape than when we got there.

#2 – There will be weekly homework & challenges (we are at a high school)

#3 – There will be a weekly “Capri Sun MVP” Most Valuable PAX, as determined by the Q.  The Q will decide what attributes he want to reward, is it a 1st F, 2nd F, 3rd F, mumblechatter, it is at his discretion who receives the Capri Sun at the end.

Homework:  Find a way to go above and beyond in service.  That could be in the community, with friends, co-workers, customers or at F3.  Think of others before yourself

MVP – Folsom

Tater Tot bestowed the patriotic themed Danger Zone shovel flag (courtesy of Folsom).



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