• When: 4.16.2021
  • QIC: Huffy
  • Pax: Lucky Charms, Toadstool, Beta Max, Smashmouth, Touche, Bloodshot, Brad Pitt, Ketchup, Folsom, Tater Tot, Safe Ride, Ice T, Gobbler, Space Bar, Selleck, Stella, Honey Stinger, Swinger, Drone Strike, Hard Hat, Gunner.

Welcome to the official launch of The Brick Yard! Stated the F3 mission, core principals and disclaimer. Mozied around the track for a little warm-o-rama.

20 x SSH

20 X Imperial Walkers

15 x Windmills

10 x Sungods

10 x Copperhead Squats


PAX were told to grab their coupon and line up, space out, and then instructed to do 11s; starting with 7 BBJ (burpee block jumps) and then run 50 yards down, and do 4 Ten-Speeds (plank jack with alt. shoulder taps) and then run back. Do 6 BBJ and 5 Ten-Speeds, etch. Mumble chatter ceased after 2 rounds…

The Thang: PAX instructed to find a partner and head to one of 5 flashing cones that made up a perimeter circle with a flashing cone in the middle. While one partner was doing the exercise listed on the cone, the other was murder bunnying with their coupon 50  yards to the middle cone, and then rifle carrying the coupon back to their partner. They would then switch and the other would murder bunny and rifle carry while the partner did the same exercise. After they both completed the first exercise, the both took a run around the track and then moved onto exercise 2 and down the list.

The exercises performed: blockees, goblet squats, block curls, derkins, kettle bell swings, and then Omaha was called.

6 MOM- Scissor kicks, slow freddy mercury, low dolly, ski abs, and American Hammers.

Announcements- lots of pop ups and new AOs. Support them. Convergence for 3 year anniversary, bring cans of food to donate.

COT: “F3 made me grow as a man, a husband, a father, and a friend. Get outside your comfort zone and drop the facade. F3 can push you to do this. Joining F3 can be tough, keep EHing. Coming back can be tough, but keep showing up. Reach out to guys who haven’t come or aren’t returning. Leading your first workout can be intimidating, but put yourself out there and we’ll support you. 2nd Fs are important and help build relationships and shield lock. 3rd F allows us to volunteer and give back and find more purpose. I never thought I’d grow this much through F3, and now I’m a Site Q.  


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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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