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QIC:  Girl Dad

YHC rolled into the Battlefield parking lot plenty early at 0440 to check things out. The field gates were locked on Tuesday, so I needed to ensure the beatdown plan would work. “Yes!” I yelled (Matt Davison scream) The gate was open and a sense of calm ensued. I set up the cones in advance and walked across the field taking in this magnificent F3 AO. What a place!

Meanwhile, back at the parking lot, a few Pre-run vehicles rolled into the parking lot. With a new sense of calm, I decided to join Stella, Swiper and Gobbler for a jog to clear the remaining nerves. Seventy-five percent Sarpy PAX for the pre-run … living up to the Sarpy reputation!. 

Upon returning to the now planted shovel flags, we were greeted by several Battlefield regulars. The guys up here were extremely welcoming and make you feel like you’ve been working out here for months. Promptly at 0530 the welcome, mission statement and core principles were shared with the group. The PAX were encouraged to challenge themselves today with an emphasis on the “you vs you” mindset as several exercises would be of the AMRAP and rinse and repeat variety. As such, a strong emphasis was put on the standard disclaimer to modify as necessary. There was one FNG in the group, who would be in store for a treat ahead!


The group did a short mosey mosey out to mid field for the traditional warm-o-rama with the following exercises:

  1. Knee to Chest (IC) x10
  2. Tappy Taps (IC) x10
  3. Cherry Pickers (IC) x10
  4. Side Straddle Hops (silent)

While executing the Side Straddle Hops we discussed the theme for today’s workouts. This week was a continuation of the “Salute to Sarpy” where Q’s from the southside of town were invited to lead The Battlefield. Thus, today’s theme is Fifty-Nine (59) in reference to the once Sarpy county license plate number.


For the pre-thang we split up into three groups to perform a two-station grinder around the track. One grould would be at each station performing rinse and repeat exercises, while the third group ran around the track to push. The reps were organized into the fifty-nine county theme with 5 being a counted rest and 9 being the reps. Station 1 was rinse and repeat upper body and Station 2 was rinse and repeat lower body.

  1. Station 1:
    1. Merkins (5 count followed by 9 reps)
    2. Alt-Shoulder Taps (5 count followed by 9 reps)
  2. Station 2
    1. Jump Tucks (5 count followed by 9 reps)
    2. Wojo’s (5 count followed by 9 reps)

Low audible grumbling ensued as we started working our way around the pristine track. The PAX completed 5 cycles before being interrupted by a Fox 40 whistle (this is a football field, right?). Several PAX were started by the whistle, but it did the trick to get the group back together for the Thang.

YHC brought the group over to the north end zone to review details of The Thang, which would be a continuation of the Sarpy 59 theme.The existing groups would split in half for a grinder on the goalline. Half would run (not jog) to the 50 yard line and perform 9 reps (50+9=59) of the standard BLIMPS cycle: Burpees, Lunges, Imperial Walkers, Merkins, Plank Jacks, and Squats. The other half would remain on the goalline and do AMRAP Absolutions. What is an Absolution? The answer is an extreme amount of pain, but the true definition is described in the F3 Exicon:

YHC did  a short demonstration of an Absolution and the grinder was put into high gear! At 6:05, “Omaha” was called and the PAX gathered for a quick picture on Burpback Mountain to mark a successful rescue mission. All PAX were awarded Top Gun status and associated privileges (a fist bump). 

6 MoM:

  1. Flutter Kicks (20 IC)
  2. Big Boys (15)
  3. Frozen Freddie’s (20 IC – chosen and lead by Thomas)
  4. Supermans (15 IC)
  5. American Hammers (Sarpy style – Rancid count)

COT: Challenge Yourself!

This message was influenced by high school wrestling standout Caiden Hooks of Berlin, OH. I told Caiden’s story, who was diagnosed with eye cancer at age 4 – ultimately resulting in both eyes being removed. This has not stopped Caiden from working each day to be a better version of himself. Caiden recently made it to the state wrestling tournament in a very competitive 160 weight class – despite his being blind. He also challenged himself to be a musician. Now he’s an accomplished pianist. Caiden challenged himself to be a writer. Now he has several books that he is working to get published. 

Each day Caiden can ask himself who is better. The Caiden today or the Caiden yesterday. Our workout today featured several AMRAP and rinse and repeat exercises. F3 offers the ultimate “you versus you” setting to becoming a better version of yourself each set, each day and so forth.

With that Butterfly took us out in prayer and we left all the Battlefield better than when we entered it!

Girl Dad


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