April 10th 2021 / AO The Oracle 7Am edition / 53 Degrees 8knot winds

11 PAX: Wentworth, Moon Man, Down Dog, Sweet Tooth, Range Ball, Othello, Crab Cakes, Vandelay, Rollbar, Tin Cup, Doppler.

This was the first Saturday workout I was able to make in over a month so I was excited to get to sleep in and still start my day with what I hoped would be a solid beatdown. The morning was going well until I couldn’t find my car keys. I lost about 10 minutes running around the house looking for them before I found them buried in the couch. I rolled into the parking lot at 655AM. Luckily I didn’t have any set-up to do so I was able to stroll up to the shovel flags and watch the 6AM do their name-o-rama while my crew circled up.

0700 AM

I welcomed everyone on this beautiful Saturday morning and slowly worked my way through the core principles, mission statement, and reminded everyone I was not a professional. During my intro a few more PAX joined the circle looking for that double or triple dose of F3. No FNGs today to welcome, I let everyone know we had a bit of a mosey to do but that we would have a nice slow pace through-out.


I turned on some Red Hot Chili Peppers and we started a nice sunlit mosey along the path to the large grassy area where the path splits to go through the neighborhood or under the bridge for Dodge.

11 Tappy Taps I was going to stop at 10 but I lost count….

15 Goof-Balls

10 Big Ones

The Thang: 

Jumped back onto the trail and headed North towards Bridge leading into the Bluestem Prairie Reserve. Before starting the Thang I mentioned that I drive down 168th everyday, and have been waiting to Q here so that I could run to this exact spot. I shared that I recently was faced with a failure at work that I had been upset about. I know that like the prairie, which was still waking up from winter, I would also recover and grow quickly in the coming weeks.

Before crossing over the bridge I left a bag just on the other side of the bridge full of sheets of paper with an exercise written on each piece of paper. We would take turns one at a time running across the bridge to pull an exercise out of the bag then return and lead the PAX in cadence in that exercise while the next man in line would run to retrieve another exercise.

All told we made it through 2 full laps around the circle so each man got to lead twice. Most sets of reps reached a count of about 30 per exercise.

Exercises completed (Not in this order); Merkins, Diamond Merkins, Chuck Norris, Ranger Merkin, Werkins, Big Boys, LBC, Frozen Freddy, Flutter Kicks, Gas Pumpers, Superman Burpees, Hand Release Burpees, Burpees, Squats, Monkey Humpers, Jump Tucks, Bonnie Blaires, Mountain Climbers, Plank Jacks, High Knees, SSH

I called Omaha and said it was time to start our mosey back to the flags. On the run back we did an Indian Run where the last man in line sprinted to the front then called the last man up. When we got back to the field where we did the Warm-o-rama. I decided we had enough time to do a quick Steinel most people seemed very excited to make sure their arms/shoulders were completely smoked.

Once done we completed our Indian run back to the flags. Once at the flags we did a Mini Dora

3 sets of: 10 Merkins, 10 Big Boys, 10 Squats

Announcements/Prayer Requests

I almost forgot to ask for announcements and prayer requests but was luckily reminded of my goof. Hop-a-luha reminded at KrosStrain. Upcoming convergence April 24th



When I joined F3 in November I had just sewed on my new rank of Master Sergeant and was really excited I had been working in a new position that I was finding really challenging but was hoping I was just dealing with growing pains in a new role. A couple months later I was at a Q source that talked about the Dolphin and the Daffodil. I realized there that the job I was doing was not only forcing me to not work in my area of strength but hyper focus on every one of my weaknesses. At that moment I thought of going ot my supervisor and telling them that I was struggling to excel in this new position and that I thought maybe I would be better suited in a different section. But I didn’t do that instead I just double my efforts to succeed and doubled my anxiety at work because I was never able to do anything more than barely keep up with the firehose of tasking coming in and going out at all times. Failure was a constant part of my day and I hated it. I hated that I couldn’t be successful while wearing my uniform that I had been successful in for 15 years. Even though I knew I was not working from a position of strength I still thought I could at least survive. 

Luckily for me my supervisor saw me struggling both at work and knowing I was dealing with an exhausting legal custody battle for my children. He sat me down last week and said they were moving me out of my position to another section where I could breathe and be more successful. I was happy in many ways but also embarrassed and disappointed in myself for not being able to overcome the obstacle in my way. I took a couple hours to let myself feel sad and then I let myself feel relieved and loved and saw the support around me ready to build me back up. I know that my supervisor, friends, and family don’t see this as a failure just a situation that was not a good fit. They and I know that I can and will be successful in this new section. I took this failure as a chance for growth and appreciation of the support I have surrounding me. Hopefully when you are faced with failure you are able to recognize and feel the same way.

“You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.”
― Maya Angelou


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