Temp: 45° A beautiful clear morning.
Pax: 19. Black Flag, Thor, Z-bo, Wentworth, Super Tasty, Kielbasa, Tonight Show, Blue Suede, Sven,
TinCup, Rancid (DR), Sister Act, Ice-T, Tugboat, Room Service, Rollbar, Mother Goose, Vandelay
YHC/Q: U-Haul

It was good to be back at Golden Spike to say the least and even more encouraging to connect with
the pre-runners right before they took off. The men of F3 Omaha welcomed him back to the Spike with
smiling faces from the start. VANDELAY offered his assistance early on and all through out because
that’s the kind of HIM he is.

While a host pre-runners were off at 5:00am, it was time to get to work preparing the field. YHC
had checked in with Saul (site Q) and other men separately throughout the week to see what their
experience was in playing Ultimate Frisburpee in the Gloom. It was risky playing a game YHC had
never played in the Gloom, at a site he had never Q’d at before. After careful consideration, it
was determined that the security lights provided enough of a flood to keep us relatively visible.
That fact, coupled with the Glow-in-the-dark Ultimate Frisbee and a bright disc light underneath,
YHC was actually beginning to believe this was going to be more of a success than he previously

Finally at 5:26, the stage was set with bright lighting and cones (thank you OTHELLO) to demarcate
our 80’ pitch and mid-field. YHC mosey’d back to the Shovel Flags to kick things off and was
greeted by an unexpected surprise. RANCID had drove in from Columbus, NE to post DR with us today!
Already a wonderful day made that much better.

[@5:30] 1-2min
The Opener: Present the 3 F’s of F3, state the mission statement of F3, the 5 core principles, and
the disclaimer. FNG’s? Nope. YHC thought it would be funny to mention today we were also going to
experience the 5th,6th, and 7th F as Frisbee Friday Funday. Not a peep from the PAX. He will
rethink his material before he go into my secondary career of Stand Up Comedy.

Opening Mosey: Mosey half way around the track and back south to the 50 yrd line, End at center
Warm – a – rama: (Shorter to give more time to the Pre-thang.) 15 (IC) SSH
12 (IC) Tappy Taps

Mosey to the southern endzone

It was YHC original intention to focus on chest and arms due to the amount of running the next part
would require.

Pre-Thang: “Duck, Duck, Whamo!”
At one end of the field the PAX in a circle in plank position. One pax throws a frisbee. The next
pax sprints to go get the Frisbee. Then throws it a 2nd time further downfield. Meanwhile the pax
does AMRAP reps of chest.
Once the pax retrieves the Frisbee, they yell “Whamo!” which is the cue for the rest of the pax to
switch exercises to AMRAP reps of something else.
Meanwhile, the pax down field runs backward back to the circle, then around the circle, to their
original position, to then throw the Frisbee for the next pax member to retrieve. This sends the
next man off while the rest of the PAX continue doing the Whamo! Drill.

1) Merkins / SSH
2) Makthar N’ Daiyes / Groiners
3) Carolina Dry Docks / Hold Plank until PAX returns
4) Werkins / Imperial Walkers
5) Sun Gods / Mountain Climbers
6) Tempo Merkins / Cherry Pickers
7) Alligator Merkins / Hold Plank until PAX returns
8) Chinooks / Diamond Merkins
9) Peter Parker Merkins / Moroccan Night Clubs
10) Chuck Norris Merkins / Seal Claps Rinse and Repeat.
YHC learned: Next time, I would have only one PAX throw the disc BOTH times to retrieve it, as the
tendency to watch where it lands is too great, so the first exercises never saw high enough reps.
Maybe even a third throw further downfield would be helpful for added suffering.

As we got used to this one, it seemed it was just about time to move on. Though there is some
potential here for quality pain and fun co-existing, so it is not out of my repertoire just yet.
The main point of this was to do a few frisbee warm up throws before The Thang. Throwing a disc
“cold” can be humbling, of course, so it’s helpful to get a good feel for it, if there’s time.

However, we only got as far as #6) before OMAHA was called on the pre-thang and after explaining
the rules and splitting up into two groups for The Thang, the PAX was hungry for more and ready to

The Thang: Ultimate Frisburpee (with modifications)

Similar to ultimate frisbee but with penalty burpees. On the 1st turnover, 5 burpees for all PAX.
On the 2nd turnover, 4 burpees. On the 3rd, 3 burpees. On the 4th turnover, 2 burpess. On the 5th
turnover, 1 burpee. Modify as needed but you are on your honor because you do not have to wait for
all PAX to finish burpees before starting play again. So it is advantageous to finish your burpees
If neither team has scored, the remainder of the point is played like regular ultimate frisbee.
Burpee count resets after every point. Scoring team calls out exercise and number for entirety of
PAX, but “losing” team has to do 2x the amount. “10 burpees” becomes 10 for scoring team, 20 for
other team.

We broke up into 2 teams. Group one was called HIM’s, Group two was called Modern-Day Warriors.
RANCID and TONIGHT SHOW were called in as representatives from their group, with TONIGHT SHOW
calling “heads!” for the Disc Flip. It went tails. RANCID then chose for the HIM’s to “Pull” or
kick off to the Modern-Day Warriors.

YHC could feel the competitive spirit from the start as the PAX kept the mumble chatter to a
minimum in everything prior to The Thang. It was becoming evident that burpees were going to be
done quickly due to a lot of early turnovers. There were some amazing catches all throughout
(shout-out to BLUE SEUDE who would challenge gravity and win for incredible catches), adjusted
somewhat to the dark, and did about 20/40 reps of Copperhead Squats, 15/30 reps of Hand-Release
Merkins, and 20/40 reps of Air Squats. The HIM’s or Group One snuck away with an extra “safety”
point for the win, but most of the PAX was already doing the double the reps for both sides. Classy
and again probably a sign more suffering could be had, but we had a 5th, 6th, and 7th F to focus on
as well.

YHC learned: Reiterate that this is a non-contact sport before we begin and that fouls are called
recognized on our honor system. No one was hurt, BUT it needs to be said out-loud along with a few
other basic rules to quickly refresh our memory. This was fun and I am looking forward to the next
time whenever that comes along.

All in all it was a competitive and fun event that deserves another shot now that YHC knows what to
expect. PLUS there is now an Ultimate Glow-in-the-dark Frisbee with a disc light in his arsenal of
tools. That’s gotta be used that again. Aye? Maybe a return when the site Q comes back? OR The
Colosseum or The Battlefield? There is definitely more light there.

Omaha was called @ 6:05am

Mosey back up to centerfield for some Mary. YHC is ALWAYS appreciative of those considerate men who
retrieve cones and lights without being prompted. YHC was not short of help today.

[@ 6:07am]

10 (IC) Crabcakes
15 (O) Never Cross Dolly

15 (IC) Box Cutters
19 (IC) American Hammers (RANCID Style, of course)

[@ 6:09am]
Name-a-rama Announcements:
BLACK FLAG – Hop-a-lujah Run to KrosStrain is tomorrow April 9th 2021 from 10am to 12pm! Excellent
1st and 2nd F opportunities. You can do this. Check out slack for more details.

VANDELAY – All sites are also still posting regularly scheduled programming on Saturday April 9th.

U-HAUL – Next Friday, Queen Service Luncheon at Inner Rail. Join us for some mumble chatter and eat
whatever you want.

ROLLBAR – Grow Ruck St. Louis July 16-17. Pre-blast is up. You need this. It’s a worthwhile and a
changing experience.

WENTWORTH – Convergence next Saturday and 3rd F opportunity to bring canned food. Goal is 800 cans
to represent the 800 PAX who have attended workouts in the past 3 years. Also, 3rd F opportunity
May 8th at Heartland Hope. Contact Wentworth for more info or to RSVP.

*Announcements subject to YHC translation. Contact individuals for further and clearer news.
U-HAUL – Prayers for his friend Rebecca who is actively battling cancer.

“Words have power.” As my M says and of course, she is right. But I would amend that to say “Words
have great power.”
It was not long ago when a mentor of mine passed away and one of the phrases he would say rings in
head at the onset of the coming day. Words that at first I thought were colloquial, lofty, and
frankly impossible to do. But I have never heard anyone else use them and mean them. At the ending
of every meeting or conversation, just before leaving, he would inevitably say…

“Have the best day that you’ve ever had.”

It was only later and with enough repetition did I truly understand the power of these words. “Have
the best day that you’ve ever had.”
Often it is because of obstacles that these words can ring with great power. That in spite of
losing or winning, difficulties or breezes; bringing our attention to the precious days we have
left on this earth, can help remind us to live today as the BEST DAY THAT WE HAVE EVER HAD.
Aye. U-Haul.

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